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i want

i want super obsessed hard core mcr obsessed people to live by me so we can obsessed hard core mcr hang out but no

not this again

yes this again its important to me so i guess i have come to terms that mcr broke up well more like im living in denial so i still lisin to them non stop but some time ill start crying uncontrollably and my friends are like wtf you should be over this all ready their is nothing you can do about it. and they get it its my world but they dont get it its my world i have loved them for 5 years now and i plane to all my life nothing gets me up and going like mcr thay made me who i am the person thay are friends with so they need to love mcr cause to love mcr is love me

whats wrong with me

OK so 18 and i never bin on a date whats wrong with me never even been kiss guys wont look my way and i don't wanna sound like a complete girl but jeez am i ugly or something i know im no model i thought oh well my personality wood make up for that. and i don't wanna sound like a judgmental bitch but ugly-er girls than me have relationships and im not say look wise well look wise but mean girls to with no personality im mean really why.

I have not stop crying

i just got the news today i was on twiter did not beleve it hade to be a joke but no its ture it bein 9 hours and i have not stop crying. me and my best friend use to say if mcr Broken up we wood have a suicide paket but that was a joke like mcr wood brake up but thay did and i dont have that friend anymore i have no one everthing i love is gone now i wish thay wood have just said that thay were takeing a brake and just never make anything so at lest i wood of had some fake hope.


so halloween was not the best this year but my costume was i was a zombe girl that never got asked to prom (now wants revenge) i did my own makeup and i did that costume because that is what i think will happin not that i wanna go to prom it's just nice to be asked and in sted of going to prom war we'll be a disease we do are own and just hang out but all the guys at my school look at me like i have a disease but that is how it has all was been


I think I brought you my bullets you brought me your love is the most romantic album ever it inspired me to rite a song cold. my devotion

sorry for speling


yaa!! I'm going to be Gerard way 4 Halloween 1 everyone says that you shud be your hero
2 i wanted to be a vampire but my dad wouldn't buy me a costume
3 it is a good way to honor new album

omg yaaahh!!!!!!!

omg I'm so happy iv never been this happy before i men it is like all i feel is nothingness I'm ether I'm so depressed or i feel nothing unless I'm listing to my chemical Romans then I'm happy but when i seen the my chemical romance trailer i explored withe happiness and I'm so excited and then i think what if i me gerard way my hero who i wont to be like when i grow up i wanna sing in a band like my chemical romance and make comic book i even have some down