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My band's back together!

My band's back together, and we were asked to play at my friend's church! Normally not my cup of tea, but the kids there are a bunch of punk rockers. They like our style of music, and hopefully we can do a few covers as well. I love doing originals, but I love covers too because it shows how diverse people can be when playing music. I'm hoping to spring for some MCR covers. The band may have broken up, but they're never truly gone! Hopefully, one day MCR will get back together, and carry on their legacy. I plan to make a name for my band, and I hope we can aspire to be half as great as MCR!

Thanks MCR, and especially Gerard.

You guys are the reason I'm still alive today. Music has always been the one thing I live for, and still is. I love your music , and its unique style. I feel like I can relate to a lot of it. You guys are the reason I wrote lyrics for my band, and even though we broke up, are the reason I continue to write, in hopes of making a new band. Gerard, you are a hero to me. You put on a great show and you have a unique voice that stands out among other bands. I too am a singer, and I've been told that I sound, somewhat, like you.