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I REALLY REALLY WANT IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hi, so everyone knows that Gerard Way wears the party poison jacket, and how it is sold out. Nobody will probably read this, but that's ok. I'm just saying if anyone is selling this jacket, or has an idea of where I can buy it that would be AWESOME and I would appreciate it ALOT! I dont want the cruddy and dumb looking one, I want the exact replica, and the highest I can go will be $150. Gerard Way has been a great influence and motivator in my life, he's pretty much my hero. And if I had this jacket, it would mean alot to me, it wouldn't be just a jacket it would mean more than that to me.

Something that means something to me

So at night, I tend to go outside and look at the sky. I love to look at the stars, the moon, and how the trees look black against the night sky. The moon is what I love to look at most. I've been planning on painting a tree with the night sky, and the beautiful moon, but I don't have a canvas yet :/ but the night sky means something to me. I don't know what exactly but to me the night sky is peaceful and beautiful. I especially love to look at the night sky when there is snow outside! :D If only I had a telescope :P