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I feel so lucky right now

I think I just did something that could have burned my house down! But everything is in tact and the only bad thing is that I had to wash the microwave, open all the windows, and turn on the ceiling fan to get the disgusting smell out.
What happened is I got some news that made me upset, so I thought breakfast would help me feel a bit better. I put a cup of Easy Mac in the microwave WITHOUT WATER. I didn't notice until it was in the microwave for two minutes because there was smoke in the kitchen. The cup had melted and the macaroni had turned black.

People change in high school, sometimes for better!

So I'm cleaning out my email account right now and I'm looking at chats and emails I exchanged with my friend the summer before freshman year. Now we're gonna be seniors and we've changed a lot.
We literally wrote PAGES about how we thought this one guy was super hot but then we didn't get along with him and he turned out to be a jerk so we kind of hate him now. Our opinion sure did change!
We're also nicer, we did a lot of bitching back then and now we don't speak badly about people anymore. We only talk about the good things.

Should I Dye My Hair a CRAZY color?

Here's a shitty bathroom picture of my current hair, it's dyed a soft black and I have a big blue streak in it, although it looks like two because of the way I part my hair.
I was thinking of bleaching it and then putting some crazy dye in, but I dunno if I should go for it. I was thinking of doing either that shade of blue, or crazy bright red. I also put in a picture of my eyeballs so you can see my skin tone and eye color if that helps.


Billy Corgan and Gerard Way have similar smiles. I noticed because I needed to see pretty smiles so that I could feel happy, I had a bad-ish day.
Smile, you'll feel better :)

I'm scared of attraction

I may or may not have feelings for a certain person that I should have no right to like. He's way older than me-not that age should matter-so I feel kind of odd thinking that I might possibly like him. I don't think he likes me "that way" though. He likes my writing style, and I always feel very warm and fuzzy when he compliments my work. What the hell is this?

It's Been ONE Fucking Year...

..since you died.
I'm sorry. We miss you.


Happy Birthday, Gerard! You are fabulous, I hope you enjoyed your day.
Killjoys, honor this day! This lovely guy--->
deserves it :)