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Any bass reccomendations?

Hello Killjoys! I play bass but I'm not sure what song I should learn next.
What do you guys recommend? I found some sheet music for Beethoven's Symphony 7 in my room so I'm playing that for now. I like the rhythm, it's so simple. It's just quarter notes and eighth notes, and playing it is helping me relax. The whole time it just goes: long, short-short, long long. It's so nice :)

Can't Sleep!

I'm listening to Beethoven's 7th Symphony at 5:40 AM. I still haven't gone to sleep, but I should at least pretend before my parents wake up and freak out because I'm not asleep yet. Good night, (morning?), my lovely Killjoys!


I posted a blog a while ago asking about ponchos, and I found a purple one! My mom altered a tiny bit because it had some stitches in it that created sleeves, but now it's a straight-up poncho. I'm super happy, I love ponchos! I also found a Batman one online that I want to get so i can use it around a house, but I already have a ton of blankets so I don't need it. Seriously though, the Batman one kicks ass the top one is awesome because I'm a poncho freak.

Conventional Weapons!

My birthday was on Saturday and I didn't ask for specific gifts, I am wondering if I should ask my parents to get me Conventional Weapons as a belated gift. I'm scared of asking though because they just gave me $80 to buy a dress for chamber orchestra. I don't want to ask for too much but I am super paranoid about digital music. I think I should wait for the first two songs to be released in October and just get the digital songs and burn them onto CDs and my flash drive to back them up. We'll see...

Where can I find a pocho that doesn't cost an arm and a leg?

Story time! I love ponchos. I remember in fourth grade I had four ponchos. I had a pink one and a blue one that my mom bought me, and two purple ones that my grandma knit for me. I eventually outgrew them because I had a crazy growth spurt so the ponchos were too short and looked silly on me.
I've wanted a poncho since then but I can't find any that aren't hideous and/or designed by people who want at least $100 for them. It'd sad because I love them and think they are versatile and awesome, but they are hard to find.


I'm gonna jump on the bandwagon and freak out about the new layout, just like everyone else. This probably foreshadows what MCR5 is going to be about. I'm excited!
Also, one more day for the Professional Griefers video! I'm going to watch it right after school tomorrow!

Spiderman/Peter Parker is an analogy for my deep seated issues

I'm not expecting anyone to comment on this, but I need to get this off my chest.
I'm going to start off with a funny story from my freshman year of high school, which is where Peter/Spiderman comes in. I was in my P.E. class, and we were running laps. At one point I spaced out and ended up crashing face-first into the sweaty arm pit of a boy I had a huuuuge crush on. I'll call him Drake. I made a disgusted face because he smelled super bad, and my friend laughed at my expression when she ran by.
In that moment, I felt like Peter Parker.

This mug warmer made me think of Gee in this video

Okay, so we all know that everyone in MCR likes coffee. So I was walking around Home Depot with my parents, who were looking at boring shit. So I wandered away to where the coffee makers and whatnot are displayed, then saw this little gem:
It's a mug warmer!
I thought of the video where Gerard's heating up his coffee and he's talking in what sounds like a British accent. I started laughing in the store and the employee who was standing near me looked scared because I laugh like a psycho.
That's my random little story.

How to stop feeling like a piece of shit.

Have an MCR marathon on Youtube. FUCK YEAH!

I should just marry the damned toilet!

Seriously, never drink two bottles of water right before bed. You won't get any sleep.