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Moments like the one I am having are so beautiful but sad. I was listening to one of my favorite albums and then a certain song came on. It damn near made me cry because it was so beautiful and made me think of a sad memory. It was sad, but so beautiful because it's crazy to think that just a few simple notes can stir up so much emotion.

Bass and Green Day!

I'm working on learning the bass part to Restless Heart Syndrome by Green Day right now :) It's midnight and I'm bored so I'm going to practice it. I have an acoustic bass so I probably won't wake up my parents but if I do, oops!

Weirdish Dream that included MCR

I guess I was super excited about Conventional Weapons Number Five because I had a dream about MCR last night. (not a creepy one, I swear!)
In LOTMS, Gerard says that he played the guitar in some bands before founding MCR, and he would get kicked out because he couldn't play super well, nor could he sing and play at the same time.
In my dream, he was onstage with Mikey, Ray, and Frank. I couldn't see who the drummer was and I can't remember what song they were playing.

Bruce Wayne is an ANIMAL...

...because in the cartoon he wears a brown suit, a yellow shirt, and a black tie.

Can't Get Number Five

It's not on Amazon and iTunes fucking sucks, so I don't know what to do to obtain it legally.

Frank's Website
On twitter he said he had something to show us, and here it is! He also linked to a song that he recorded and posten on SoundCloud.
The song fucking rocks, so go listen to it.

Apparently, my bestie and I are twins

I have a funny story for you guys!
I'm a freshman mentor, and I was escorting one of my freshman kids to his locker. On the way there, we saw my friend sitting outside of her classroom doing homework on a laptop. This friend of mine has the same birthday as me so sometimes we tell people that we are twins. The freshman boy I was escorting says "I see that girl on the computer around here a lot and I don't know her, but you two look alike!" I'm kind of an asshole so I decided to play a trick on him.
I said to him, "Of course we look alike, she's my twin sister" He said I was lying.
Then we

Number One is here!

I just went on Amazon MP3 to see if Number One was available since it's after midnight, and it was available! I'm super excited, I just bought it. I'd already heard the songs from when MCR put them up on their YouTube channel, but I'm still happy that I have them now :)

What are you guys gonna be for Halloween?

Are any of you going to wear costumes to school on Halloween?
I am going to be a sheriff! I have a denim shirt, jeans, and some cowboy boots. I am making a sheriff badge out of an old pin I have that I painted yellow and covered with gold glitter glue. I also made a tiny paper mache cowboy hat that is about the size of a bottle cap. I am going to put it on a bobby pin and use it as a hair clip, because hats can't be worn in school. You can't be a sheriff without a hat! So I'm going to look like I have a large hair clip, not a tiny hat.


1) Age you get mistaken for? 15, but I'm 18!
2) Have tattoos? No
3) Have piercings? Ears
4) Best friend? She knows who she is
5) Relationship status? Single
6) Biggest turn ons? When guys can make their own music
7) Biggest turn offs? Racist asshats. People are people, do not belittle other races in front of me!
8) Favorite movie? What's Eating Gilbert Grape.
9) I will love you if...? You can make music with me.
10) Someone you miss? My daddy
11) What I hate most about myself? My left pinky is tiny and makes it difficult to play the violin/bass guitar
12) What I love most about myself?