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i dont ever really post on here...but i just feel like shit and i dont want ot have a breakdown in front of everyone im around rn.
so May 21 2014,
i have a court thing to do for school and i feel fucking awful about it.
my girlfriend left me for someone else again, im so fucking pathetic because i stay around, so fucking stupid and hopeless.
whining about it wont help its just i...i dont know.


holy shit its been a while man. for me being on here for 5 years (zzZZ i think) i havent been on it a while.
so......stuff right?
ah um. feel free to follow me on twitter
or tumblr
or ask me shit!
hows it crackin??? wow havent been on (here specifically in the community) forever.
i mean im always on here until i read the blasphemous "goodbye mcr post" about 3000 times. or buyin merch. anyway.
(seriously tho whats crackin)

Long time

well hey its been a while. I dont go on as much as i used to and i really have no idea why (ha actaully thats a lie, i know exactly why) but uh anyway? im in nj right now for thanksgiving and uh yeah.
my twitter

ps. con. weapons part 2, 2 more days.

School is going to ruin my life

It's sort of weird isn't it saying I'm a freshman when you guys would've thought i'm older than that? ha. I'm 14, i've been on here since i was like 11 or less. Anyway, I'm pretty much screwed y'know? Then in 10th grade I'm moving back to nj and stuff. i don't know what's gonna happen. We already have a house there but... I don't know. My family are all from there and somehow i live in texas now. yeah still don't know how that happened.

Not The Same

Things have really changed i don't know. Well how has everyone been? the typical no answer?
yep, everything use to be so tied and awesome idk what happened. now its dead.
nuff of me being whiny. Comic con anyone? Killjoy comic is being worked on, well i know for sure the art is.From next week and on, it will be worked on.
I myself have been working on some art. Now im kind of just sketching ideas. Been working with lots of paper pieces instead of usual paint or ink stuff. idk this seems really cool plus its a first for me so yeah its exciting.

"I was killing before killing was cool"

Haven't been on very much sorry, I've been more on my twitter. I don't know times have changed dude. Well things have changed a little bit. Anyway "The Man With The Iron Fists" MCR are going to be on the soundtrack to that movie with a rumored "New Song" Any thoughts? I had heard of the movie on all of the "sneak peak" movie websites and stuff I am planning to see it but knowing MCR are going to sort of be apart of it makes it cool. Just another Quentin Tarantino movie. badass. I honestly feel like its been longer since I've had this account says 2 years but really has been like 4 to me.


Hey guys! What's going on? well yeah here just updating things, i dont come on here very often anymore, I'm mainly on twitter which i have the link to right here.!/frnkier0
it used to be "retardway" then i kinda felt like that name was sort of idk disrespectful almost. (do you think it was?) yeah so i changed it. I am working on a fanfic which will be up here in a few days. Um i recently visited New jersey the place where im originally from before i moved to Texas, it's a long long story that happened awhile back) yeah lots happened there.
So I'm so excited for the first

Happy Birthday Three Cheers For Sweet Revenge!

I haven't been on in quite some time, i apologize for that (i guess)
More importantly its the 8th birthday (right) of the absolutely fucking amazing album Three Cheers For Sweet Revenge. It's really one of the best albums ever, then again all of MCR's albums are pretty mind blowing.
TCFSR along with the other my chemical romance albums have taught me alot. Each album has a message of its own. Three Cheers has really taught me to not take anyone's shit.The album is amazing.
So tell me guys what has TCFSR taught you? favorite song?
I can honestly tell you I really can't choose any song, every

when I'm old

I could pretty much imagine myself as kind of crazy. At the age i'm at i am already crazy so i will be insane by the time I'm like 60. Maybe I'll be like a punk rock granny and rock out to all the music I listen to now. Right now I'm really big on Black Flag. I've always been a fan but for some reason I'm like really into them. For some reason i have grown like a huge obsession with vampires. It's not like just creatures from horror movies they're like real almost. Instead of being creatures, in the real world theyre like humans who suck the life out of other people.

Anyone remember Gerards Uncle TT story?

I do i remember it xD
"there was this guy who was his uncle and his name was TT and he was like into voodoo and stuff right? aand..."
then theres the part where Gerard told everyone to shut up
"you guys need to SHUT UP!"
I remember tons of old stuff like Mikeys kung fu grip thing with the action figures and Gerard's action falling apart. The Uncle TT story has stuck with me since. Whats Some old MCR quotes and stories you remember a little more than everyone else?