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ok, so now that MCR is "gone" ive been crying for the longest time. You see, they got me through 7th,8th,9th,10th grade (s) and now their gone. ive been reminesing listening to there previous albums. there will never be another band (next to local natives, those guys are fucking amazing!) that can replace in my heart.
My Chemical Romance


MY PIANO TEACH IS EPIC!!! SHES LETTING ME DO A SOLO SONG OF MY CHOICE. HELP ME CHOSE. Cancer, OR Welcome To The Black Parade, OR Famous Last Words. Leave me a comment or message to tell me.

My Killjoy name.



For those of yo who want to know more about me just watch this.
I'm a singer and I'm proud.


For those of yo who want to know more about me just watch this.
I'm a singer and I'm proud.

I Dont know why,

It feels like im being watched. i wish that i could just walk away without being looked at. if anyone has any questions about me feel free to ask. i want people to know who i am.

Gray of Gale

Hey Guys.

I know i havent posted for a while. ive actually been thinking about my last post. I can tell some of you wanted to know what my secret was and now that i think about it its not such a big deal. guess what...



Well, its definetly becoming a regular thing coming here and posting. Today was a decent day. Rejected by the nicest and most beautiful girl in school(to me) and stabbed in the back by my not so best friend. my secrets out and i'm going to be called a lot of names for the next few week's. SOS just take me away.
Gray of Gale


I dont see why school has to be such a bitch. i really just want to sit in my room with my headphones on and playing MW3. I just want to scream out in the middle of class "IM NOT OK!!!! WHEN WILL YOU ASSHOLES REALIZE THAT???

Confessions of a teenage boy.

[x] Talked back to a teacher.
[x] Been kicked out of a class.
[x] Worn your pajamas to school.
[x] Had your tooth fall out during school.
[x] Gotten yourself lost in your school.
[x] Broken the dress code in your school.
[x] Completely and utterly failed a test.
[x] Left your class without asking anybody.
[] Missed a whole week of school for something stupid.
[ ] Thrown up your lunch in school.

[x] Argue with your parent[s] a lot.
[x] Argue with your brother[s] a lot.
[] Argue with your sister[s] a lot.
[] Do your own laundry.
[] Cook dinner once in a