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Help me pass uni, people!

Okay. Media assignment numero dos.

I have to analyse a "celebrity" and what actually makes them so famous and influential and whatnot. My dilemma is this:

I can research someone I dislike/don't overly care much for, so I can disect them to all hell and be all "Ha, you no celebrity, you just got money >:D"


I can research someone I like to make the assignment more interesting, but run the risk of finding out things I don't want to know about them and ruining my image of them.

Any suggestions? <3

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I knew taking Journalism was a good idea :p

I just started my first year of university and I'm studying Journalism, Media and Communications (I'm keen on international relations at the moment) and our first assignment involves analysing an advert.

So, we were supposed to bring a print ad to our tutorial this morning, I went to a newsagent yesterday to find a random magazine and guess what I found?!

Has anyone else seen this/read it/have it?? I haven't opened it yet *_*

~GS xo

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Yes I am going to be that person -- being single on a day like today is not that great (especially on social media) but I will happily admit that I will probably love St. Valentine's Day when I have someone to spend it with, eating too much icecream and having a Disney marathon <3

I hope everybody is having a marvellous day regardless of your relationship status, I'll always be here to throw truffles at you <3

Much love, GS xo

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I can imagine slow dancing to this <3

When you look at the lyrics it's a bloody heartbreaking song, but meh, I like it <3

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Just cos he's gay doesn't mean I can't fangirl <3

My brain turns to mush, just... nope, I'm done *_*

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Hey, hey, hey, help required please!!

I'm over my emotional rollarcoaster from earlier in the week, thank fudge *_* a word of advice: no matter how bad it gets, no matter how much you might want to teach them a lesson for whatever reason, don't EVER fight with your best friend. It ends in multiple nights of tears and wanting to draw pictures on your wrist with a needle. So yeah. Don't.

Anywho, what I would like help with: any ghost stories you know of or any websites or books you could direct me to involving haunting and paranorma :) I want to write a paranormal-themed story for my major English piece, with some actual fact weaved in somewhere :p

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X Marks The Spot

The realisation that you've probably lost your best friend. Over love. How ironic.
Energy wasted on hope, on waiting for something you know will never happen but wish in the depths of your being that it will.
In the end it comes down to forgotten promises, things better left unsaid and crying yourself to sleep (however pointless the last exercise is) and hoping everything will be better when you wake up. Which, I have learnt from experience, it won't.
Not being needed anymore can be an absolute blessing if you're tired of doing something. I'm tired of waiting and wanting and wishing but I don't want to stop because that means admitting defeat, compliance, giving up on the thing you want more than breathing.
In short, not taking this very well

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*slow clapping* tumblr, you have your moments

When your best friend has a girlfriend:
He hugs you: "Awww, isn't that sweet, guys and girls can be friends :D"
You look at him: "OHMYGOD you whore stop flirting he has a girlfriend jeeeeeez"

tumblr, please stop being so accurate >_<

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California 2019 - Part 36

qwertyuiop I'm back!! :D
Apologies for the extended absence and not posting this in a while; I've had mid-year exams and other distractions *_* but now on holidays so there should be more over the next two weeks :)
Sorry this is so short; my best friend and I weren't talking for a few days and I wrote this yesterday to try and take my mind off it... Didn't work, but anyway... Enjoy :p
~GS xo

**Poison's POV**
The door slammed shut just as I reached the landing, sending vibrations through the old building, but I could have probably heard it from outside. I never wanted to be on the receiving end of a woman’s anger.
When I reached her door, I hesitated. She probably wasn’t in a mood for talking. Those pissed-off-with-the-world-and-everyone-in-it moods where speaking to another person runs the risk of accidentally tearing their head off. God, I knew that feeling. Still, before I could let myself turn around, I knocked.

"I really wanna kiss you and be cute with you and fall asleep in your arms and go on stupid dates but I also sort of want to light you on fire and throw myself into traffic so idk"
~My friend wrote this and the accurate-ness to my mood at the moment is overwhelming *_*

Anywhoo, it is currently 10pm on Monday night and I just watched the final of The Voice Australia (my mum and I are a tad obsessed) :D and I've decided I'm going to marry the winner: his name is Harrison Craig, his coach was Seal, he's 18 and basically, a better looking, more talented Rob Pattinson (I base that description purely on physical resemblance; look at him!!) <3

And on a completely unrelated note, have a song :)