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Mikey!!!! bithday

Happy birthday Rocking Bass player I LOVE YOU WISH YOU THE BEST


I Feel Like she is trying to push me away,,, idont alme her im awful. But NO MATTER WHAT!! we'll always be BFF forever lol . I love her so much Shes the best. but what if she doesnt want to.... that will never happen!! we will be together forever !!! lol shes the best --- (/\/\) <3 peacekies

For----Itzel's Blog

For----Itzel's Blog
hope you like it


Bannd collage for--ALWAYS_DAYDREAMING


Bad collage for you PARTY ZOMBIE

my band collage!!

Comment Yours And mabey ill do a collage !!

OMG my life!!

In 2009, when Dark Horse first announced a new project from Grammy-nominated frontman turned Eisner-winning comics writer Gerard Way (The Umbrella Academy), the response from music and comics fans alike was overwhelming. Now, Dark Horse is thrilled to announce that Gerard Way, Shaun Simon, and Becky Cloonan’s highly anticipated sci-fi epic will finally see publication in 2013!

Welcome to Battery City, where the disease is the cure!

In My Chemical Romance’s critically acclaimed album Danger Days: The True Lives of the Fabulous Killjoys, the Killjoys fought against the tyrannical

IM SO OVER YOU NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!

oh OK....well I really liked this kid named Jorge...and on Friday he Called me prettey and gave me a hug. i was SOO HAPPY! then today ........................................he said this ""ok hope this dont make u stop talking to me or my friend well ok so ino u still like but like the reason i dont want to be gf and bf cus i don't want that if we break up that that could hurt our relationship as a friend yk what i mean
but don't worry ur true prince will come i promise "" im so sad cuz i really liked him and now ill never get him.


I think you all knoe what this is about sooooooooo yeah.


I think you all knoe what this is about sooooooooo yeah.