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i really need someone that'd love me...


i need relationship advice ^^

my current obsession!!!!

^^ this song is so addicting ^.^
Jesus of Seburbia by green day


i wish i could find my dream guy:(


i really like this guy but... i'm too nervous to say anything


i really like this guy but... i'm too nervous to say anything

stolen~ *rawr*

[x] I love music
[x] my chem is one of my favorite bands
[x] i am who i am and no one can change that
[ ] people hate me when i am myself

[x ] my parents hate my style
[x] i am crazy
[] i am shy
[x] i am funny

[x] music is who i am
[ ] i play an instrument
[x] sing
[x] i have been to a concert

[x] i plan on going to a concert
[x] i have talked to someone famous
[x] i have lots of friends
[x] i have friends but they aren't true friends (not all of them are)

Bands i like:
[x] Green day
[x] my chemical romance
[x ] avenged sevenfold
[ x] fall out boy
[ ] good charlotte
[ ]


you're so much like me! i watched your vlogs!
message me!

~jet-star revenge~

how i feel

i just came back from england. AND I FEEL TERRIBLE.


1. Do you sleep in your bra? yes!
2. Do you enjoy drama? hell no
3. Are you a girly girl? 50% yes
4. Small or large purses? large!
5. Are you short? is 5'4 short?
6. Do you like somebody? its a secret! he's my dream guy <3
7. Do you care if your socks are dirty? yea
8. Do you like Halloween? HELLA YEAH!
9. Favourite time if the year? spring
10.Where is the weirdest place you have slept? the stairs
11. Has anyone touched/smacked your bum in the past 24 hours? nope....