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age limits

Well this is a Normal question.How old do you have to be to go to an MCR,Green Day,Blink 182,(Insert other bands like that names here). Cuz im only 11 and i think the age limit is 13 something. someone help me.

My summer so far

Here in Little old Engerland School for Children and Teens Does not start till September and my Summer so Far Has Been Rubbish. I just wanted to say How does every one i Know Have a better summer than me.

TwitchFall:The Tower of Splitting MoonLight
Movin Up

Huh...Going up to secondary school is a big deal to me because the people up there are more jugemental and well im a very very very diffrent person. Both personallity and Looks.
They like Pop i like Rock
They like anything in fashion I like wearing what i like
There skinny as a stick I've Fat on me
Ok This one is one is sort of weird but im a crazy waffle.
When they and there friends talk about Boys/Girls me and my friends talk about crazy stuff and make stupid noises and laugh about crazy funny stuff.
They Read Twilight I read Comic's

See i could get bullied.

Happy Birthday Ray!

Happy Bithday Ray! you Are The Person Who Inspired Me To learn guitar.Hope You Have A great Birthday.Your Awsome In all ways posible. Having a Fro is a good feeling when you know your favourite guitarist has A fro aswell! Ray You are the real life Guitar Hero!

My first MCR t shirt

Im very happy cuz i got a MCR t shirt yesterday.i orderd it from Amazon (uk). Cuz its so hard to find MCR stuff ive tryed every where so i gave up and just orded one. it cost me £10 ($15). But worth every penny. Its sad that you don't get alot of MCR stuff here in the uk but i got all of there albums and now a t shirt so im a happy Killjoy.