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Gothicfish's blog

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School starts tommorow

The End Of Summer Holidays Is Today For Me And Tommorow Is The First Day Of School.In A New School.Going Back To The Bottom Of The Years.Y7.Wow!This Is Gunna Be Kinda Of Scary.Im Feel Strange About Going Into A New School Where There Are New People.Im The Only Person I Know Who Likes MCR.And Im A Nerd.Thnx For All The Surport I Got From You Guys In A Blog I Did In July.You Guys Are Great.Bye!

The 10 Flaws Of Me

1.I Have Bad Looking Skin.Its Bad.
2.Im Fat.
3.Im Fussy.With Food and Other Stuff.
4.I Can Be Very lazy.
5.I HATE Christmas.Im Not Sure If Thats A Bad Thing.But Still.I Hate It Because Its Become To Advertised And All People Care About Is Presents.
6.I Can Get Very Angry At Certen Points.Sometimes When Someone Is Rerly Annoying Me I Will Try And Hit Them.
7.I Like Katy Perry.
8.Im A Nerd.I like Gajets.Doctor Who.Other Things Nerd like.
9.Im Can't Spell.
10.Im Vrey very Anxsus About myself

School Is Starting In 2 days Time.Im Scared Shitless

Im Very Scared Right Now

Um Someone Help Me please Im Scared Right now Cuz Im Home Alone Well Not Alone theres My Brother But He Dosen't Give A Shit About Me.My Parents Are Out And Probly Gunna Be Home late.Its night.Im Scared.I Don't Want To go To Sleep Cuz Im Scared.Help Me.


OMG! Im So Excited for The new album! why Can't it come Out Alredy!?!?...Or At Lest Some Teasers For It.Come On!!!!!!

MCRs New LayOut

The New Layout Is Cool!And The Logo Is Awsome! Its Very Dark So The Next Is Probly Gunna Be To Wicth Is awsome Because I Didn't Like Danger Days That much.

When MCR Gunna Tour Again?

When My Chems New Album is Out are They Gunna Start Touring Again?If So They Should Come To The UK! And Does Eany One Know Eany Thing About The New Albums Relese Date Or Eany Thing About Tell Me.Thank You.

Fish Time

So Tommorow Im Gunna go To The Sea Life Centre In london!With my Dad And Then Where Gunna Go To A Comic Book Shop.Thats All.Bye Bye.

Pissed Off!

So This Happend On a week Before The Final Day Of School. Wich still Makes Me Pissed Of Now.Ok So The Class Was in The Hall And Stuff And Me And My Best Friend Where Talking About Green Day And Then This Girl Whos In The Other Class
Over Herd Are Confersation And Shes One Of Those People Who Listens To Eany Thing In The Charts, Wheres Fake Nails To School, A Total Stuck Up Bitch Eany Way, She Asked Me What Music I Listen Do I Listen To.So I Anserd Rock,Metel,Punk Rock,Pop Punk And Emo Rock/Punk And She Looked At Me Like I Was A Fucking Alien.And She Said rock Is For Old Men Metal Is Also For

MCR next album!

I can't Wait for the next Album!MCR5.Its Gunna Be amazing just likr the rest of the albums Hopefull it wont take long for it to come out in the UK!

Im Having some creepy Dreams

Ok so latey im having some weird dreams some nightmares.1 Dream i had last night was about going back to school in september and the sky went black and every one in class turned into freaky dolls apart from my friend me and her ran out of the class room and discorverd that evry one in school had turned into freaky dolls so what happed is we ran into the main hall of the new school with all these dolls chasing us and then the head teacher who wasn't a doll sliced are faces of with Nija Stars!Then another dream i had was just weird there was a man who had white skin spiked up ginger hair and a