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Hello again

well i haven't blogged for a while cuz im busy doing slot of homework.very yeah hope you all i haveing good times and doing well in not really but its good to see people happy and that okay bye

Im confused

Okay alot of people are saying that MCR are breaking up.and then there are alot people saying there confused are they or are they not and if they are then a big part of my life will be over

this has to be told

ok i know ive all ready blogged today but this has to be told a kid in my class brought a condom into school today and no he diddn't get cought.but it was funnay as fuck!

Im pissed

ive got this homework wich of sort of almost done and its taking forever cuz i don't
right materials.what im doing is a colage of red blue and yellow but they have to be diffrent shades.ive tried do hard to do it and it has to be done by friday.ive only been there for 3 weeks and ive got a ton of homework already ive done most of it but its so friend complained about to her parents and they have gone up the school to while she probly gets more time the rest of mus havent.why im only in year 7!


The new songs names are pretty cool and i know that some of you would say its awsome but my anwsner is on pretty cool cuz at first in an interview with Gerard he said its gunna be dark and i thought he ment Black parade dark or Three chears dark but after looking at the song names and album art i know see that he means or not i could be wrong.a darker version of Danger days.Hate me all you like but im kinda of dissapointed in this i ain't saying that im not excited or that i hate it or the band what im saying is that i was hopeing for someone like three chears.but still excited.bye

Frank's latest blog

Eany one read it.well to me its perfect and well now im very very very very very very very very excited about the end part where he said about mcr's new songs.along with that green day has new songs 2 so dubble the awsomeness.Gerard said in a interview about how the new album is gunna be dark so tripple the excitement!

just alitlle annoyed

Every has one of those days when they just wanna moan or scream well im having those days every time i go to maths or science.eany one else?

Happy Birthday Mikey!

Happy BDay Mikey,i love you so so much your awsome,hope you have a awsome day love ya!

My Top 10 MCR songs

10.Vampire Money
9.Honey This Mirror Isn'y Big Enough For The Two Of Us
8.Its Not A Fashion Staement Its A Death Wish
7.Famous Last Words
6.Im Not Okay
4.Vampires Will Never Hurt You
3.Give Em Hell Kid
2.Welcome To The Black Parade

This Is My list Of My Top MCR Songs.I Know That I Only Had One Danger Days Song Thats Because I Didn't Like Dangers Days As Much As The Others.

I Hate School

The First 2 Days Of School Have Been Terrible.The Worst Thing Is That The Science Teacher Made Me Tie My Hair Back Wich For Some Of You Easy But Not For Me cuz I Looked Like A Fucking Idiot And Every laughed.Second Every One Still Teases Me like They Did In Primary.And Now In All The Lessons Im Sat Next To Someone Who Dosent like Me.WTF Is Wrong With Me And Now One Knows Apart From my Friend Who My Chemical Romance Are.I Just Hate It There.