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Follow up to my previouse blog

Told my dad.I do feel better,alot better.If havent read my past blog then you wont understand what im saying.He said it normal,Its fine,It will happen and just need to be more careful and it will go.Or he said something like that.I used the careful insted of another word wich will just reveal what is the problem.So im talking his owrd for it.About the whole thing about him telling my mum,it will be more awkward because well it is sometimes awkward to have a chat with her about stuff like this,i love my mum but it will be awkward.:/


So i wanna tell my dad something im worried about but im a little scared to.Im not gunna say what im worried about on here cuz it something i don't belive needs to be told to you guys.Im not sure to tell him tonight or tommorow when im in london.Im not worried about what hes gunna say im just worried about what is gunna happen after he says something.He will tell my mum which is fine but i just prefer to talk about with my dad.i dont know what to do :(

My brother is fucking drunk!

He came home from a party and hi is pissed!he told my dad he threw up at the party, they had vodka shots,hes talking in a welsh voice (well my family are sort of welsh so thats proble where il here it from him) and now has probly gunna have hangover tommorow :D and hes 16

Happy Halloween/ireoween

Its hallowween and franks birthday happy birthday Frank,love you

Good Luck New York

A hurrnicane is gunna hit New York.Hopefuly it is not as bad as they thought and Inportant building dont get deystroyed and as meny people still alive.Good luck New york city!

I cried During Frankenweenie

I watched the film today.I loved it! and i cried 4 times during it. also where was Frank's This song is a curse?

F!ck you zoe

Today my friend...beytraded me....stabbed me in the back...cracked my brain.
For all you people called zoe im sorry for the title.its just taht her name was zoe.
She made bst friends!CKING ENEMY!
She hurt me right in head!Right in the heart!
She didnt care
She treated me like dirt...old muddy dirt!
I hope she's happy
But im glad im not friends with her any more.F!ck you Zoe.

Fucking school trips!

So y7 get to go on this trip i signed up, it costs,my firend and shes my only friend in the whole school said she would and guess what no she wasn't and know heres the bad part my worst fucking enemy is coming but this is the problem where going to fucking germany.i know its gunna be fun but not when your the personal you hates there.i have a anxitey problem where im scared to get changed nere people and like show my legs and tummy.hopefully they have bathrooms in the place where staying at.i know its gunna be fun because we go to a theme park and stuff but when your with people you dont like

Im 12

Todays my birthday.but its also a sad day because i was just told that my aunt and uncle where moving to sinapore in mum and aunt dont get along any more.i rerlly wanted a happy birthday today but well i did untill i fond out going to see in half term with my brother and maybe my dad.the worst thing is that my aunt and uncle are the only family members that i stil talk to and are still alive and also that i know of.well at least its my birthday.

I just got UNO!

I love Kill the Dj and Necualr Family