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Those Scary Days

Does anyone ever have the days where your head is the worst place you could be trapped in? The days when your so bored all you do is think and it brings up all the nagging doubts you tried so hard to bury? Your conscience tells you all the shit like your not good enough and your too fat or too ugly and you know it is just shit and that you shouldn't pay attention to it but you can't not think about it..... All you do is think to the point of your head combusting, like right now for me........ Luckily I have an iPod filled with MCR and other awesome bands as good as them and can crank the volume so high that all the doubts are washed away!!! :)

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Explaination of My Username

So the reason my username is goodyouthogeneration was supposed to be "the only good youth of the generation" because the girls and guys that are "popular" have been misguided by the media to believe that every thing that was bad in the 90's (drugs, sex and drinking) are know good and smiled upon.While in reality they are still bad things and are still frowned upon. Well, I am just glad that I found MCR who is inspirational and real. And who actually has a message other than" drugs sex and alcohol ". Thanks for listening to my very first online rant!!!!!!!!! :) :) :)