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Sweeney Todd <3

The title says it all. I LOVE Sweeney Todd. It is one of my all time favorite films, Johnny Depp is just incredible in it, his singing is amazing and his voice is beautiful, I could listen to him forever, he is just such a talented man. Tim Burton is a Genius and I was blown away by him, everything he does is breathtaking and the whole film is just phenomenal. Do any of you like Sweeney Todd ??
I have been listening to the music all day and I am getting obsessed xD
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Updates on mee...

I haven't blog in agessssss....Why ??? you may wonder.. or maybe you don't mind but I will tell you anyway. First of all.. I'm back at school which I renamed Bleh basically because that's how I feel when I am there ...IT'S HORRIBLE to be back!!! So much work and study and stress AHHHH gotta crack up with it all!!!!! I would go insane if this site didn't exist *shudders at the thought* This is my Way (heheh) to relax and have fun after after school and coming on here is the best part of my day :) Anyone else feel the same and yeahh that whats going on with me these are you guys doing ??
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Happy Birthday to the incredible Mikey Way!!!!! :)

Happy Birthday Mikey!!!!! :) 31 today and still rocking!!!!!! :)
You are so amazing and gave us the name My Chemical Romance and I have no idea where I would be without it!! Your zebra shirt always makes me smile and your sparkly bass is awesome!!! :) Mikey Way I love you, thank you for everything and for just being you! :)

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Happy Birthday Freddie!! :)

Happy Birthday Freddie from everyone in the MCR family!!! :)

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Happy Birthday to mee!!! 17 today!!! :)

You probably guess from the title but I will say it anyway...Its My Birthday!!!! hahah turned 17 today and I am feeling pretty happy...Must update my info that I am another year older....
For my birthday I kinda chilled in town and I am going to be ordering some MCR merchandise off Ebay which I am super excited about...thank you to my mom for allowing this and yep its my birthday...that's all i really have to say but before I go......KILLJOY BIRTHDAY HUG TO EVERYONE IN ZONE 6!!!! :)

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Just in that kinda moood....

Tonight I just feel like listening to music full blast :L
I put in my headphones in to ignore the world.....nothing is really wrong I just want loud music so I don't have to think about some I making any sense ?? Sometimes not sure who I really am...but listening to MCR and music always helps....this blog sounds soo weird but I guess I'm weird xD

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Gerard Arthur Way sober for 7 years!!!! :) Congratulations Gee!!

Gerard has been 7 years sober today and I am so proud of him!! :) He inspires me in every Way with his music and how he handles his life..He turned his whole life around when it hit rock bottom and look at him now.....He has loving wife and a beautiful daughter and MCR are rocking on the Honda Civic tour. He went through so much but look at him now he's amazing and my hero!! <3
"Sometimes you have to kind of die inside in order to rise from your own ashes and believe in yourself and love yourself to become a new person. " Gerard Way This quote is kinda the story of how Gerard got sober and I know he will keep it up!!
p.s I love Gerard's poncho!! <£

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Random and Rise against!!

I love this song!! I have been listening to Rise Against recentyl and I am now hooked...Any Rise against fans out here in Zone 6 ??? If yes would you please suggest some songs of theirs that I should check out ?? :) In other news tomorrow I will be posting my drawing of Kobra Kid, Its nearly done and looking good enough considering I am not really artistic but I still enjoy drawing.., How are you guys doing ??
I am tired gonna try get some sleep!! :)

So long and Goodnight!!! :)

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Holey Moley and a little Ramble!!

Soo I was pretty much failing asleep in front of my laptop and then on Kerrrang Radio I hear Planetary Go!!!!!! I am fully awake now so I might as well write a nice little blog..even though I don't really have that much to say...*WAVES* See nothing to say...
Did you guys see some of the T-shirt designs for MASScanvas ?? They are awesome, people are so creative and they all look amazing! :) Quick question can anyone tell me whats happening with the bulletproof heart video ???
I think this picture is good for the blog too, its got Gerard having a nice cup of tea or coffee in kerrang and I am having some tea now!! Yummmy!!

Keep Running Killjoys!!

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Read and re-post!!! :) Its amazing!! :)

For people who feel the same way about My Chemical Romance as i do:
For anyone who stuck by MCR even when they were called emo for it.
For anyone who loves Gerard no matter what color his hair is.
For anyone who loves Pansy and was worried when Frank got sick.
For anyone who worried when Bob got burned.
For anyone who cried every time Gerard got drunk or high.
For anyone who can't watch The Ghost of You without crying when Mikey gets shot.
For anyone who isnt okay.
For anyone who loves MCR with ALL their black little hearts.
For anyone who thinks they'll die alone.
For anyone who wanted to jump up on stage just to give them hugs.
For anyone who wanted to meet them just to say "thank you".
For anyone who can truly say that MCR saved their lives.
For anyone who gets excited when someone says "MY Chemical Romance" or "MCR".
For anyone who says "I am My Chemical Romance!" with pride and honesty.
For anyone who is a true MCR fan, a true Killjoy.