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GhostOfSasha's blog

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Favorite Song Everrrrrrr? (by MCR)

Merry Christmas/Hanukkah/Kwanza/or anything else that anybody celebrates! :D
And a Happy New Year for all!

Now for the main part of this blog, I'm bored cause it's still a few hours before I go out to eat with my familia. (this year we're trying out a Korean bbq)

Soooo I wanted to ask and hopefully errybody will answer. What is your favorite MCR song of all time?? I'm honestly unsure of what mine would be but as of now, it is. Hmmmm between Ghost of You anddddd Summertime. But I'm Not Okay is classic. But Demolition Lovers is excellent. UGH IDK!


Soooo the odds of anybody actually giving a carp about this are pretty slim, but what the hell, I'll just go for it. As you can see, I'm quite new here and I gots no frands. :{ I wanna meet some peoples so please feel free to talk to me and invite me into the gang. :D And I included a funny video.