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i know its not my chemical romance but i LOVE metallica

this ish my song
always has and always will be :D

ch 18: new day, new dad’s, and new baby’s

18: new day, new dad’s, and new baby’s

Franks P.O.V
I paced around the hospital waiting room, waiting for news on nick “frank calm down she’ll be fine, just come and sit down” said megan, I walked over and sat next to her “megan what if something bad happened” she looked at me and said “look I know nicole and she’s a tough person, just try and get some sleep” she said I nodded placed my head on her shoulder and drifted to sleep
-3 hours earlier nick’s P.O.V-

Ch 17: new day, more weddings, some bad news

Ch 17: new day, more weddings, some bad news
(i added my grandmother in this chapter......ill see her soon in the black parade)

Ash’s P.O.V
“common ash we need to get inside the church!” said nick I was scared but a good type of scared “okay im coming!” I shouted as I got out of the car.
I walked in and started to walk down the isle. gee looking at me. I loved this boy so much.
Gerard’s P.O.V

hurrican irene

im not afraid of a hurricane........


my grandmother just died........FUCK U CANCER

ch 16: new day, new dad's and new joy!

ch 16
frank's P.O.V
NO FUCKING WAY. is what went threw my head, "frank?" said nick "i-ima be a daddy?" i said she nodded "WOOOOOHOOOOOO IMA BE A FUCKEN DADDY!" i screamed. i ran to her and kissed her, she fell onto the bed andwrapped her arm's around me.

ch 15: new day, new discoveries and some new birthday's

ch 15
6 month's later nicole's P.O.V
me, ash, hannah and donnelle walked into the hospital "nick are you sure?

ch 14: new day, new vow’s and wedding bell‘s, and new dresses!

Ch 14: new day, new vow’s and wedding bell‘s, and new dresses!
Frank’s P.O.V -before the wedding-
Well today’s the day I marry my true love, IM SCARED AS HELL.

ch 13: new day, new people and more sisters?

Ch 13: new day, new people and more sisters?
Nicole’s P.O.V
_____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ me and frank where walking out of the coffee shop when a girl came up to us “um excuse me are you nicole McCarthy?” said the girl she was wearing a red shirt, black skinny’s and she had blackish blond hair and she was holding a picture of…my mother “um yes who are you and how do you have a picture of my mother?” she smiled and held out her hand “hi im Hannah, and the thing is… your other sister….we where separated

ch 12:new day, new sickness, more love

Ch 12: new day, new sickness, more love
Ash’s P.O.V
Nicole and frank are sick, ray and donnelle went to the carnival and mikey and megan went to the museum. “hello my lovely ash” said gee as he hugged me “good morning my sassy red head” I said laughing he just smiled and kissed me, it felt good to have him back “ASH!” yelled nicole “ugh coming…god see this is why I moved out when I turned 18!” gee laughed, I got nicole her water and then sat on gee on the couch “ugh common!