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so today i fell walking from computers n landed on my right knee n my left elbow

now i have bruises on my elbow n knee -____-

kinda hard to move my arm

teehee :3

teehee :3

told my crush i like him Monday <3

awkward hes coming over Saturday to hang out with me n my friend? o.o

lets hope i dont turn as red as gees hair was

XoXoXo skull bandit <3


Dear Zonerunners: I’ve been reading a bit lately about how some of you feel that the night MCR plays the last show in their Australian tour is the night our fabulous danger days come to a close. Abandon the notion. What My Chemical Romance has created in their album is a world, a culture, and a movement that will last much longer than four hundred and forty-two days. For years to come, I promise you I will keep my boots tight, keep my gun close, and die with my mask on if I’ve got to. Turn the lights back on, because the party’s not over. I’m a Fabulous Killjoy, and Killjoys never die.


Ch 29:a night out with the hubby

Ch 29:a night out with the hubby

Gees P.O.V
I looked at nikki as she ran over to me when ray put her down I bent down and she hugged me “mama!

ch 21-28

okay sorry i havent been able to post BUT I HAS ALOT FOR YOU GUY S TO READ!!

Ch 21-mommy & nikki time and screaming
nicks P.O.V
-7 months later
I woke up feeling sluggish, I walked into the living room to see gee on the couch with nikki he was laying on his back and nikki on his chest sleeping, I smiled and took a picture and heard nikki babble “looks like my little girls awake” I said as I took her off gees chest, nikki had goldish


that's ferard my new ESP (I think I don't rememeber) guitair, he's black and I love him <3 oh and my awesome shirt from toxic riot and my new hair color is RED!!


lol he got a boner XD

no one understands

no one hears the screams,
no sees the tears
no one cares about her now
shes diffrent then you
so you make her life miserable
she screams and cries but no one cares
no one understands the pain in her heart
the killing pain that tars her apart
she refuses to cut but wants to so much
it finally happens and she cries all night
she snapped
she screams and cries at school but no one cares
her life is ruined


Sorry guys...

gerard way funny pics :D 2!!!!!!!

lol XD n