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chapter 4

Chapter 4

The kiss was amazing it felt like we where the earth. When party pulled away he put his forehead on mine and smiled and laughed, I also laughed and smiled and said “party I love you” “ I love you to bandit more then you’ll ever know” I smiled and pulled him in for another kiss that was even better then the first.

Parties P.O.V

The kiss was amazing it felt like we where the earth.

heyy :)

heyy everyone i just wanted to tell you guys that chapter 4&5 will probly be out later in the day......if u havent been reading chapter 1,2 &3 then please do read them!!!!! because chapter 3 revels who the main charter (skull bandit) falls in love with.

more pics of frankie!!!!!!

more hot frank iero pics

chapter 3!!!

Chapter 3

Parties P.O.V

When I got out of her room I went to the main room the guys where looking at me like I was crazy I said “what?!?! What did I do besides passing out in he dessert and comforting someone who saved my life and just lost her team!?!?!?” kobra looked at me and said “DUDE YOU PASSED OUT IN THE MIDDEL OF THE DESSERT WERE LUCKY SHE EVEN FOUND YOU!!!!!” I looked at his face and ghoul and jet said at the same time “you like her don’t you!” my heart skipped a beet because at that point I

chapter 2

as soon as kobra’s hand hit parties face he shot up and said "kobra what was that about?!?!?!" kobra looked at party and said "well one you were passed out in the middle of the desert and iv been wanting to do that for a while!!!" party frowned and looked at me and said "who are you??"i looked him in the eye and said "the person who saved your life and my name is skull bandit or bandit for short" he smiled and you smiled back and said "here's some water drink all of it please" he took the cup of water from you're hand and drank all the water.
when he was done with the water I gave him a

new pic

heyy anyone like my new pic of frank i think im starting to like him........<3


so i got bord and searched a random pic of frank......hes cute in this pic <3 <3