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ch 41

Ch 41
-parties dream-
It was lil bandit 18th birth day party. Lilly and cherry where talking to bandit as they ate cake when I heard bandit scream “DADDY!” I looked at her she was shot in the chest ghoul rushed over to her and tried to stop the bleeding but it was too late. she was gone. Then I watched as my one true love fell to the ground. A shot to her heart. Then dren, then kobra, then riot, rose, lily, cherry, ghoul, jet, Ritalin. They where all gone but not me. I felt someone put a gun to my head and say “good bye killjoy’s” and they shot me.
-end of parties dream-
I woke up to rose

ch 40!!!!!!!!!!!

Ch 40!!!!!!!!!
Parties P.O.V
I sat on the hot desert floor and watched as my little brother kiss riot I smiled and thought about the first time I kissed bandit
-flash back-
“hey nicole check this out and tell me what you think!” I said running up to nicole she said looking up from her book her red and blue hair falling in her face I loved her I truly did I just couldn’t tell her “okay gee” she looked at it, it was a picture of me and nicole we where walking down a path with

ch 39

Ch 39
Bandits P.O.V
I woke up the next morning to see that party wasn’t their…and neither was lil bandit I shot up and ran out into the living room to see party holding lil bandit, drinking coffee “oh thank god your okay” I said “good morning to you too” I laughed and said “good morning to you too gee how’s lil bandit this morning?” “sleepy but good” I smiled and made my coffee then sat down next to party and bandit who crawled over to me and smiled “good morning sweetie ” I



re-post if someone you know or a reliteve has cancer


i just had a 1.25 liter bottle of coke-a-cola so i am hyper :D

ch 38

Ch 38
Bandits P.O.V
I woke up the next day freezing cold ghoul was still asleep so I decided to look around “ow!” I said. As I stood up I noticed that I was still bleeding so I grabbed my second bandanna that I keep tied around my leg and wrapped my arm in it and smiled. I started to walk when I felt like someone was watching me so turned and saw a drac and I shot it and ran back to where ghoul was.

ch 37

Ch 37
Ghouls P.O.V
The scars where deep and wide it caused her to have dents in her wrists I traced over them remembering that day. “ghoul??” I heard her say I looked up and said “oh what sorry” she giggled and hugged me and said “nice to have you back frank I thought we lost you” I smiled and hugged her back when a drac came in and said “ah Mrs. Nicole or should I say Mrs.



ch 36

Ch 36
Kobra’s P.O.V
I woke up around 7:30 am. Damn that was early. I looked around to see that roses was asleep next to me, her skinny skeleton like fingers cold agents my bear chest, I guess she crawled in bad with me, I loved her she was like a daughter to me.


Ch 1
why does this always happen to me? I thought as I was running away from about 2 dracs I tripped and fell. And while falling I dropped my gun and had to look for it but when I found it was right next to a guy with flaming red hair, wearing a blue jacket. I immediately checked for a pulse and sure enough their was a pulse. I left the guy for a minuet and raced to my car and drove over to him. when I got to him I pulled him up and put him in the passenger seat and booked it to my hideout in zone 6. When I got their I brought him inside and dragged him to my room and lied him on my bed.