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3:19 A.M



(non mcr related again...)

Jayy Von Monroe, this sexy fucker ;D

oh jayy <3.<3

ik nothing mcr related but


anyone agree with me?


so my friend didnt know that sunny mooro was skrillex....i nearly slaped him xD

WE SAW THE LORAX!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! it was so funny

n the pic is sunny monro :3 i find him hot, is that weird?

Ch 30: guilty feelings

Ch 30: guilty feelings

Gees P.O.V
I cried as nick was placed on a stretcher and into the ambulance frank, ash, mikey, megan and ray all ran up to me I immediately went to frank and cried onto his chest, I felt a hand rub my back and his calm, soothing voice whispering genital words to calm me down I stopped crying and yawned, closed my eyes and blacked out. I woke up in bed…alone and cold.

bored ._.

the last one is like freaking awesome...yes i know nothing to do with mcr but still im really bored .______.


anyone else here love blood on the dance floor?
most perverted band ive gotten into this year and i love it <3

the pics are of dahvie vanity <3 hes sexy ;)


An idea has been brought up upon us Killjoys….Danger Days: The True Lives of the Fabulous Killjoys: The MOVIE! It’s got a ring to it as a MOVIE title, eh?
So anyway, if you think that it would be totally and spazztacularly awesome for the MCR guys to try to put something like this together…then sign below! you can put your Killjoy name, your real name, your nickname, your aunts name, your pets name...whatever floats your boat! long as you sign it!!!!! hahahaha

Let’s get this petition going, Killjoys!!
sign and repost! once again...for a MOVIE :) <3

1. Cyanide Apocalypse (Kimia P.)

random poem #2

love is fake.
all i know is hate.
hate is real.
lies are all im told.
never the truth.
hurt is what i am.
never healed.
emo is what im called.
never pretty.
screaming for my life.
whispering of my death.
told im a devil.
not an angle.
cause i aint no angle.

random poem

okay im not in a good mood and i feel like crying but i cant so heres a poem....enjoy

the black streaks raceing down my face as the tears of my heart begin to pour out.
my eyes now red
my heart is breaking
as i drown my pillow in my tears i remember why i cry,
i cry because of lies
i cry because my heart is breaking
more like its shattered
as i lift my head i begin to sob louder makeing tears flow faster,
i just cant stop.
i curl my fists into a ball and throw a punch at my wall
i scream in pain as i see the blood drip down my hand theirs a hole in my wall,
like the one in my heart.

48 of my killjoy story-it was all a dream, the war was over **FINAL CHAPTER**

48-it was all a dream, the war was over **FINAL CHAPTER**
nicks P.O.V
I woke up in me and gees bed, in a cold sweat “nick?” said gee sleepily I smiled.