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Dear Followers

Hello. It is me, Nicole (Skull Bandit)
I am writing this to say i will try to come on here. Maybe, write another fanfic, maybe. But i will make sure to come on here some more. I am currently in school updating you all on how i am. Ive cut my hair short (my hair was very long) and now have blue/purple hair. I had the amazing chance to meet frank last summer! He was the sweetest person ever :) Going on, i still struggle with listening to My Chemical Romance but its getting better.

In great news, the Greatest Hits albums comes out soon! so thats something to look forward to, right? right.


Why hello there..

Hey guys, Dont come on here as often as i use to. I'll drop by every few times and say hello..So, Hello dears :)


Hey guys! Skull bandit here out in the zones telling you all I'm still alive. I don't really come on here anymore (What reason i don't know..) but I'm alive! I wont be coming on that much anymore but feel free to leave comments, Message me. Anything really. I still love to talk to you guys c:

So on that, I shall end this entry. You guys know i love you, So long and Good Night <3
This is Skull Bandit signing off for today. See you next time c;

The end..

I really cant believe they broke up...You guys i was crying for 3 hours straight last night, i was hyperventilating. I could not believe that My Chemical Romance broke up. Im just..Heart broken.


Im never on anymore, I'm sorry.
I really dont remember to come on here, Im so so so sorry

its been so long

wow...its been SOO long since ive been on here, i miss you guys <3 i'll try and be on more often
XOXO Skull Bandit

heyy :p

hey everyone :D


i havent been on in months ;~;
how is everyone????



ok so i was wondering if i should keep writing my FanFic i have, should i??