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GerardsGrl4ever's blog

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Happy Birthday and we miss you Bob!

Happy birthday and we miss yopu Bob!Me and my friends wish you a Happy Birthday and we all miss you here in the Zones and hope that you are doing well!Now to everyone out there:HAVE A HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!Lets hope that 2011 isnt such a downer like 2010 was.Well see ya in 2011!
Lightning Strike

Gerard's Quotes

Hey there Killjoys Lighting Strike reporting from my hideout in Zone 6 and i was wondering...does anyone out there have any awesome quotes from Gerard?Any quote would do,but i only have 1 so far and i was wondering if you Killjoys out there in the various Zones could help :)If you have 1 of Gerard's quotes please comment and let me know what it is :D
Keep your boots tight,Gun close,and Die with your mask on if you need to.
Lighting Strike

Random pics of the guys

These are just some random pics of the guys that i found...i dont know why i have them though...well whatever.Which one do you Tubleweeds like best?The one of Mikey...the one of his bro Gerard...or the one of Frank?See you Killjoys out in the Zones and keep your gun close.
Lighting Strike

Awesome pic of the Danger Days album cover!

Hey Killjoys out in the Zones!Lighting Strike here and this morning i drew the Danger Days album cover and it turned out AWESOME!!!I would post a pic of it but i cant at the moment...srry Killjoys!I will when i can :D
Lighting Strike

Danger Days!!!

YAY!I got Danger Days at last!!!Im soooo happy!I even got some awesome high tops from Hot Topic :) But when i got back home to change into them...i had 2 left feet...damn them.Well im gonna go get the RIGHT feet(haha) now so ill see you Killjoys out in the Zones :) See ya!
Lightning Strike

Wrong Album,Mom

Hey Killjoys hope you had a Fabulous Killjoy Christmas and I wanted Danger Days soooooo BAD!!!So Xmas Day i open up a CD sized present from my Mom and what is it?Its a My Chemical Romance CD...but not Danger Days.Its The Black Parade CD.....not the one that i asked for.But its just as good as Danger Days i guess....Well im gonna go to the mall now and buy Danger Days with my Xmas money.Wish me luck Killjoys...hope my Mom and I can find it :)
Lightning Strike

2 random pics I made

Hey Killjoys theses are some random pics that i made and if you like them you can save them if you want :) I made these cuz i was just sooooo freaking bored.Hope you guys like them and have a Fabulous Killjoy Christmas!
Lightning Strike

Killjoy Christmas!

All I want for Christmas My Chemical Romance!Hope you all have a fabulous Killjoy Christmas!
Lightning Strike

All I want For Christmas Is.....YOU GERARD<3

All i want for Christmas is yooooou Gerard!I love you Killjoys and Merry Xmas or whatever holiday you celebrate!I love you Gerard,Frank,Mikey,and Ray hope you guys have a wonderful holiday season!KILLJOYS MAKE SOME NOISE!
Lightning Strike

Happy Holidays!

Hey Killjoys,Im Lightning Strike and I just wanna say Happy Holidays to all you Killjoys out there in the Zones!Good luck with BL/ind and die with your mask on if you have to....that would be very bad if you did...Well once again HAPPY HOLIDAYS to all you Killjoys in the Zones!Stay Safe out there!
Lightning Strike