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Danger Days!!!

YAY!I got Danger Days at last!!!Im soooo happy!I even got some awesome high tops from Hot Topic :) But when i got back home to change into them...i had 2 left feet...damn them.Well im gonna go get the RIGHT feet(haha) now so ill see you Killjoys out in the Zones :) See ya!
Lightning Strike

Wrong Album,Mom

Hey Killjoys hope you had a Fabulous Killjoy Christmas and I wanted Danger Days soooooo BAD!!!So Xmas Day i open up a CD sized present from my Mom and what is it?Its a My Chemical Romance CD...but not Danger Days.Its The Black Parade CD.....not the one that i asked for.But its just as good as Danger Days i guess....Well im gonna go to the mall now and buy Danger Days with my Xmas money.Wish me luck Killjoys...hope my Mom and I can find it :)
Lightning Strike

2 random pics I made

Hey Killjoys theses are some random pics that i made and if you like them you can save them if you want :) I made these cuz i was just sooooo freaking bored.Hope you guys like them and have a Fabulous Killjoy Christmas!
Lightning Strike

Killjoy Christmas!

All I want for Christmas My Chemical Romance!Hope you all have a fabulous Killjoy Christmas!
Lightning Strike

All I want For Christmas Is.....YOU GERARD<3

All i want for Christmas is yooooou Gerard!I love you Killjoys and Merry Xmas or whatever holiday you celebrate!I love you Gerard,Frank,Mikey,and Ray hope you guys have a wonderful holiday season!KILLJOYS MAKE SOME NOISE!
Lightning Strike

Happy Holidays!

Hey Killjoys,Im Lightning Strike and I just wanna say Happy Holidays to all you Killjoys out there in the Zones!Good luck with BL/ind and die with your mask on if you have to....that would be very bad if you did...Well once again HAPPY HOLIDAYS to all you Killjoys in the Zones!Stay Safe out there!
Lightning Strike

Meet and Greet

Hey to all you Killjoys out in the Zones! Im a lil confuzzled about something....does anyone know if MCR is doing meet and greets after their shows?I wanna know cuz if i go to one of their shows i can meet them.PLZ TELL ME IF YOU KNOW!Thanks to you all and saty safe this holiday season!
Lightning Strike

Like this pic I made?

All you Killjoys like the pic I made on was soooo bored so i made this :) I hope all you Killjoys love it!If you wanna make a pic like this just go to and upload any saved pic on your computer...its that simple!See you Killjoys out in the Zones,Stay safe during this holiday season!
Lightning Strike


KILLJOYS I NEED YOUR HELP!!!A Scarecrow Unit just found my home and im gonna get out rite now but i need a place to go.If anyone will let me stay with them for a little while i would be very very thankful.Again I need your help Killjoys!Im in Zone 6 and my name is Lightning Strike.Again Im in Zone 6 and my name is Lightning Strike.HELP ME!!!!
Lightning Strike

Gerard's Voice

OK listen to this song and answer this:is it just me or does Gerard have a freaking sexy voice?
Lightning Strike