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Gerard's Voice

OK listen to this song and answer this:is it just me or does Gerard have a freaking sexy voice?
Lightning Strike

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Better Living Bastards

Ok so i was wandering around Battery City earlier and saw a Scarecrow unit raiding a fellow Killjoy's home and i shot him 2 times but he got away and i was running out of ammo.When I got back to my hide out in Zone 6 i saw some Better Living Bastards raiding a van....i really dont know what they were looking for but if you Killjoys know then please tell me.....still confuzzled about that.But if you see any Better Living Bastards kill them on the spot and make sure they dont have anything that could help them find anyone out here in the Zones.
Lightning Strike over and out.

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Killjoy Outfit

Hey Killjoys its Lightning Strike and i need an outfit that goes with my Killjoy name and im thinking of having a black stripe across my eyes and a lightning blot comming from one of my eyes.Thats all I have so far and im very open to long as theres no pink then im good. :)HELP A KILLJOY OUT BE A FRIEND :)

Lightning Strike

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Danger Days

"We're all fucking wild,THATS what Danger Days is."-Gerard Way

I LOVE that quote!
Lightning Strike

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Alright one of our fellow Killjoys has been taken from Zone 2 earlier and Nitrate Noxious and I need your help to get them back.If your in comment.

Lightning Strike out.

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Got this from another Killjoys blog

I got this from another Killjoy's blog but it looked cool so now im gonna see what results i get :)

(x) You're born in April
( ) You've been addicted to alcohol and/or drugs
( ) You're a born leader
(x) You love drawing and you do it well
(x) You love singing
(x) You don't take shit from anyone
(x) You're afraid of needles
( ) You call your friends with their last names instead of their names
( ) You've got siblings and you love them
(x) You're the oldest child
Total: 6 :D

( ) You're born in July
( ) You play the guitar
( ) You've got a scar on your head
( ) You can't swim
( ) You've got a FRO!!!
( ) You're 6'1"
(x) You're shy
( ) You wear contact lenses
( ) You're called mastermind or the quiet genius
(x) People do/used to laugh at you
Total: 2...

( ) You're born in September
( ) You play bass
( ) You've got asthma
(x) You're near-sighted
(x) You wear glasses
(x) You feel an urge to stick a fork into a toaster

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The Epic Name

Ok i have picked a name and I will now and forever be known as "Lightning Strike".My little team of Killjoys thought it up for me.Hope you guys like it!
Lightning Strike out.

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Christmas Presents!

I think I know what my parents are getting me for Xmas!!!Really hope its the MCR tickets for their show in Boston's House of Blues next May!!!!And if it is....well i will totally FREAK OUT :)

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MCR's songz

OK Killjoys I've heard loads of MCR songs but which one should i pick to be my favorite?I'm stuck between: "SING","Na,Na,Na","Helena",and "Welcome to the Black Parade".Which one to choose?I'm soooo CONFUZZLED(thats a word that me and a friend made up a while back).Can anyone help a Killjoy make a choice???