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GerardsGrl4ever's blog

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We're more than a fanbase.
We're more than an army.
We're more than a FORCE OF NATURE.
We're a family.
And families won't let each other take anyone's shit. Families won't let anyone take anyone else alive. Families won't push each other round, we stick together, through and through. And we're gonna see each other out through the tough days, celebrate with us through our good days, and hold us when we're tired and sore and sick of life. And No-one can tear us apart.

Xx Death Kitty xX
~Madame Portrait
~Fraulein Arson
~Sam Shell
~Katie Brent
~*Apocalyptic Princess*
~mychemicalmartha aka

New Random pics :D

KILLJOYS MAKE SOME NOISE!Lightning Strike here with these NEW RANDOM PICS that i found :) The last one is one that someone made and i thought it was soo cute :).Be careful guys and dont drive into anything!!Remember when we would see pics like that all the time?Good times...and dont ask me why i posted the second one...cuz i really dont know why.Well all i can say is:Keep your boots tight,gun close,and die with your mask on if you've got to and this is Lightning Strike signing off
Lightning Strike


Hahaha ok MORE random pics and the cartoon one i thought was soooo funny but cute at the same time and the one of all the guys was just cool...and you can see Gerard with long,blonde hair :D While Frank looks like BL/ind got to him :3
Lightning Strike

Funny random pics i found on Google

Hey there Killjoys,Lightning Strike reporting for duty :) I just found these pics on Google and thought i would share them with you :) I know how these random blogs with the random pics that i have make you happy or make your day a whole hell of a lot better :) So i thought these would just make you guys laugh out loud :D They did when i saw them :D Hope you all have a good night or morning or afternoon,whatever time of day it is where you live :D I'll see you out in the Zones!
Lightning Strike

Keep your boots tight,keep your gun close,and die with your mask on if you need to

Do this on Gee's Birthday and please spread the word :D

Okay, I was thinking it would be really cool if we could all talk in character, be our killjoys to wish Party Poison (Gerard) a happy birthday. Please do this with me! Spread the word!April 9 is also MY Birthday too and it would be a really cool birthday present to me if all you Killjoys could do this and im sure Gerard would love it too :)
Lightning Strike

House of Blues Tickets!!!

Hey Killjoys,Lightning Strike here :) I was wondering if anyone had bought tix to the MCR show in Boston on May 5 at the House of Blues.If you cant go and are selling the tix i would gladly buy them,but im running low on cash so please sell them at a low price :) I've wanted to go the this show since OCTOBER and my mom just said that i could go.So if you or anyone you know is selling tickets to this show,PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE tell me and give me a link to where they are selling them.Help a Killjoy out and be an awesome friend :)
Lightning Strike

Random pics (again)

Random pics i have and doesnt Frankie look sooooo ADOREABLE???Some of you know that im in LOVE with Gee and i still am :D I just wanted to say that Frank looked very adoreable in that pic :) See you Killjoys out in the Zones :)
Lightning Strike

My Drama Club Play!!

Hey there Killjoys,Lightning Strike reporting.And i know you guys might not care that much i just wanted to let you know that me and the Drama Club at my school are performing a play called "Good Good Trouble on Bad Bad Island".I know its a really gay name but its really fun and stuff :D My characters name is Bites....which fits me perfectly :D I hope i will see some of the Killjoys that live in my town :) Wish me luck :D
Lightning Strike

Lightning Strike over and out.

Random pics

Just some random pics that i have on my computer....dont know why im posting these...but whatever :D Hope you Killjoys like them and hope they make your day in the Zones :D If you need and help with the Dracs,message me and ill be there shooting them right between the eyes....from a little more than a mile away :)
Lightning Strike

Im sooooo BORED right now....any of you Killjoys know of any MCR songs thats arent all that popular?Well have a safe night in whatever Zone it is that you are in (hopefully kicking some Better Living ass :D) and ill see you there in the Zones :)
Lightning Strike