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You know your an MCR fan

you know your a real MCR fan when you ask your mom whats for breakfast, and is disappointed when she doesn't say gerard way. My friend has this as her statis message and i thought it was funny :)
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Anyone else agree with me?

OK,I have to ask...does anyone agree that Valentine's Day is really shitty?Cuz if you do,then im right there with ya cuz its always been really shitty for me.And i mean ALWAYS.Anyone agree?
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Life of a Dream:Chapter 7 :D with a random pic!

“Frank!Where are you and wheres Taylor?”Gerard yelled.Then I went around the corner that led to the bedrooms and saw Frankie and Taylor making out.I just backed away before either of them could see me and went to tell Gee,Mikey,and Ray what I had seen.
“What?!Are you sure?”Mikey said,his eyes going wide. “Are you SURE they were making out?”
“Shhhh!Mikey be quiet!And yes I'm sure.I saw them from the side and their lips were locked.”I said as I looked behind me to see if they had heard us.
“That's why Frank is always so happy around Taylor.He likes her.”Ray said looking towards the hallway.


Sign: Scorpio ( )
Birthday: October 31st ( )
Lots of tattoos ( )
Height: 5'4"-5'6 (x)
Loves books and the Harry Potter series (x)
Has three dogs ( )
Eyes: Hazel (x )
Vegetarian ( )
= 3

Birthday: April, 9th (x)
Sign: Aries (x)
Height: 5'7"-5'8" ()
Afraid of needles (x)
Doesn't like physical work (x)
loves theater/arts (x)
favorite X-Men character is Wolverine ( x)
eyes: hazel (x)
= 7 :D

Birthday:September 10th ( )
Height: 5'9"-5'10" ( )
Sign: Virgo ( )
DOESEN'T have asthma (x) ( i have something that it LIKE asthma)
nearsighted (x)
NEEDS coffee (x )
loves sushi ()

Chapter 7 preview!

“Frank!Where are you and wheres Taylor?”Gerard yelled.Then I went around the corner that led to the bedrooms and saw Frankie and Taylor making out.I just backed away before either of them could see me and went to tell Gee,Mikey,and Ray what I had seen.

Hope you guys liked this preview!
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Chapter 6 of the MCR fanfic!

I had picked out the cutest outfit that I could find.It was one that Gerard had bought me for my birthday.It was a sparkly blue shirt with one side that hangs off my shoulder,with black ripped skinny jeans and black leather boots like his.I let my hair down and put on my make up,which was a blue eye shadow with black eyeliner,and went down stairs.When I got to the bottom,Gerard turned around and saw me jump down off the last step.He'd never seen the outfit on me before,partly because it was the first time I was wearing it,and he was speechless.
“So,whatcha think?”I asked him as his arms

Chapter 5 of the fanfic :D

I wake up with something next to me.It was furry and soft.By that time I realized that it was Lucky laying next to me on my bed.
“Good morning,Lucky.”I said scratching her head while she licked my face. “Why don't I go get you something to eat?”I added,getting out bed as my phone rang.The ring tone was “Bulletproof Heart”,one of the new MCR songs on Danger Days.I knew that Gerard was calling me,so I ran over to pick it up. “Morning,Gerard.”I said with a smile on my face.
“Good morning to you too,Jessie.”Gerard said,I could hear the love in his voice when he said my name.

Chapter 4 of my fanfic!

“OK,so now this door here leads us on to the stage,where we'll be rehearsing and performing.Well,that's just about it,oh and Ray you can put Lucky's cage down over there.” Frank said as we walked through the door to the stage.Ray went over to where Frank had pointed and set up Lucky's cage.After it was set up Taylor went over and put Lucky in her cage and went to put her guitar case down when she said: “Wait,how long are we gonna be here?And what songs are me and Jessie performing?”
“We're gonna be here a few hours and your gonna perform one of our songs from another album and one of

Chapter 3 of my fanfic!

We came back out into the living room and sat down.Everyone was giving us weird looks and that's when Mikey asked: “What were you guys doing over there?”
“Talking about something that we need to ask all of you.”Gerard said looking at me.
I took a deep breath before I asked. “How do you guys feel if Taylor came on tour with us?”They looed at me with shocked and surprised looks on their faces.
“Oh heck yeah!I'd love it if Tay came on tour with us!”Frank said with excitement there in his voice.
“OK,you KNOW I have to agree with Frank on that one.”Mikey said with that same excitement in his

Chapter 2 of my MCR Fanfic :D

“Oh my God!Hey guys!”Taylor almost screamed when she saw us getting out of the car.
“Hey Taylor!”Mikey said as she ran over and gave us all hugs.
“Hi Tay.”Ray said hugging Taylor back.
“Whats up,Wolfgirl?”Frank said,picking her up and spinning her around in a circle.
“Mind if we stop in for a few minutes?”Gerard said putting his arm around my waist. “Jessie forgot her guitar here when she performed at your birthday party.”I nudged him. “Oh and,um,Happy Birthday!”
“Aww,thanks Gerard.” Taylor said giving us both a hug.