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Good to know I can't do what I want for MY birthday...

Well,today's my little brother's birthday and I'm so pissed.For two years in a row,he and five of his friends get to go for three rounds of laser tag,then go to the arcade and go out for pizza.
I on the other hand,have wanted to go paint balling for the past THREE years.The first year,my mom said no and me and two friends got our nails done (which,at the time,wasn't something new to me :P).The year after that,my mom said no to the paint balling again,so I just had a few friends sleep over and we had pizza;didn't go anywhere or do anything.THIS YEAR,three of my friends gave me a present at

OH MY FRANKING GERARD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Lightning Strike xoxo

Gerard and 9/11

First off,RIP those who were lost in the towers during 9/11.You are in all of our prayers <3

Second,I really like this pic of Gerard....adorable.

Peace out girl scout
Lightning Strike xoxo

Freshman year already sucks.

Like the title says;it sucks.I've gotten lost going to all of my classes EXCEPT my guitar class cause I had band in the same room last year.I got in trouble for not having a freaking notebook ON THE FIRST DAY -.-" I have no classes with my friends and my History teacher seems like a bit of an a$$hole.And in most of my classes,I have to sit in the middle of all the people that make fun of me or don't like me...there's this one kid,Cameron,he's nice-when he's not around his a$$hole friends.
There was one really cute guy named Joel....he seemed nice,but I think he's a senior :/ *sigh* I am


Happy Birthday Detonation Druggy! :D For the few people I told about Sam's present,here it is ^.^ Since I don't leave near her (a few states away haha) I sent it to her :)
Lightning Strike xoxo

If you leave your name/message in the comments,I'll send them to her for ya ^.^

Does anyone agree??

Who else thinks we should have a separate section of the website for fanfiction??It'd be full of it within five minutes though XP
But still,does anyone else agree with me???
Lightning Strike xoxo

Canobie Lake Park!!! :D

I went to Canobie Lake Park yesterday with Christina (Punk Flame) and we had an awesome time!! :D We got to see Edward Moss (The Michael Jackson impersonator) again-the 3rd year in a row for me,2nd year in a row for Christina-and he remembered us!!!!!I got three big hugs from him too :) He was so nice.The show was amazing,as always.We screamed wicked loud and gave him all of our attention,so he pointed directly at us a total of (including the second show we went to) 10 times ^0^ He even gave me a hand heart back!!!!!!!!! So so so so so FUN!! After we saw the MJ show,we went and trolled at the


Well,I was thinking of doing a cover for my youtube channel,but I have a SLIGHT problem:I have no freaking idea what song to do! :/ I was thinking of doing:
Call Me Maybe-Carly Rae Jepsen
A Little Piece of Heaven-Avenged Sevenfold (Only the Rev's parts though)
Set The World On Fire-Black Veil Brides
Everytime We Touch-Cascada

Some help in the comments would be very very verrrrrryy helpful! <3
Lightning Strike xoxo

Happy Birthday Froman!! :D

Happy birthday to you,happy birthday to you,happy birthday to Raaaayyyyy...HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOUUUUUUUU! ;D <3 Hope you have an awesome day with your friends and family Ray,oh,and try not to kill any cupcakes :3
Lightning Strike xoxo

Never Stop Running....

I just watched the MCR World Stage and when Gerard looked at the crowd,then right at the camera and said, "Don't you ever stop running."I started crying.I don't know why,but that just really hit me felt like he was looking right at me when he said it :P Sounds stupid,I know,but still....
Lightning Strike xoxo