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Dracs Will Never Hurt You:Chapter 2

“Are you a Killjoy?”The red haired guy asked me,walking over to where we stood in a little circle.
“Yeah and the names Lightning Strike.”I said removing my sunglasses again so he could see my face.
“Lightning Strike?”He asked me,removing his mask.When I could see his whole face,I could see that the red haired Killjoy was Gerard.I hadn't seen him in four years.He's the guy I look up to and that I also have a crush on....Gerard interrupted my thoughts by pulling me into his arms.
“I've missed you so much,”He said as I buried my face in his neck, “I thought I'd never see you again.”

Chapter 1

The sun is hot on my skin as I walk through Zone 6,looking for some Killjoys to stay with.I was a lone Killjoy and I had no car.If I DID have one,it'd be called The Detonator.I knew the Killjoys and they knew me,but I couldn't remember where their headquarters was.I haven't seen them since 2015,but I remembered them and I know they remember me.Ugh!I wish I knew some other Killjoys that were in Zone 6!
I had no idea where I was.I started to hear a car coming from behind me.I turned around as fast as I could and pulled out my ray gun.I saw a painted car coming this way,so I knew it

I got bored and made these pics!

Hey Killjoys!I got really bored and made these pics on :) Tell me what you think and I'll see you out in the Zones!

Pic #1:Random Frerard pics that I found and a pic of each Gerard and Frankie.

Pic #2:Random pics of the boys :P

Pic #3:Some pics that a friend sent me of Gerard and Lyn-Z :) This one is my favorite out of all of them :D They just looks so cute together!
Lightning Strike

Love this video!

LISTEN UP KILLJOYS!Now that i have your attention (hehehe),I just wanted to share this video with you :) Its the director's cut of SING and if you havent seen it yet,then heres your chance!I LOVE this version but they're both pretty AMAZING :D Well anyways,I have a Drama Club thingy going on tomorrow and Sunday,so I gotta go,but I'll see you out in the Zones :D
Stay safe Killjoys.
Lightning Strike

I licked my best friends at the dinner table because I’m an assassin!

Pick the month you were born:

[ ] January——- I kicked
[ ] February—— I loved
[ ] March——– I karate chopped
[x] April———- I licked
[ ] May———- I smelled
[ ] June———- I jumped on
[ ] July———– I did the Macarena With
[ ] August——– I had lunch with
[ ] September—- I danced with
[ ] October——- I sang to
[ ] November—– I yelled at
[ ] December—– I ran over

Pick the day (number) you were born on:
[ ] 1——- a birdbath
[ ] 2——- a monster
[ ] 3——- a phone
[ ] 4——- a fork
[ ] 5——- a snowman
[ ] 6——- a gangster
[ ] 7——- my mobile phone
[ ] 8——- my dog
[x] 9——- my best friends
[ ] 10——- my neighbor
[ ]

Life of a Dream:Chapter 17!I know some of you have been waiting a while!

Before I start,I just wanna say that Im sorry for keeping you waiting for this next chapter!Hope you like it :D And the song I posted along with this chapter is mentioned :P Thats why I added it :3 Song:Nasty Shoes, Singer:Destery of Desandnate
I found the coolest outfit that could be described as rocker but it was very cute.It was a black tank top with a red and black striped mini jacket,faded black shorts,and my black leather boots,with some star shaped earrings,wristbands that said 'I Love Michael Jackson',two other ones that had the names of bands that were called 'Voted

Can the awesome members of the MCRmy make me feel better?*sniffle*

My day has been really shitty.I mean it too.Why you ask?Well heres why:
1.The guy I like dumped his lunch on me.

2.I got pulled out of class for being just too sexy.No thats not why.I got pulled out of class cuz I was READING when we were supposed to be doing a worksheet for the last 5 minutes of class.*swears under breath*stupid fucked up school....

3.My friend won't talk to me cuz shes pissed at me for no reason whatsoever.

4.Music Choice won't post the thing I sent in for "ShowOff".It was for all you Killjoys that are listening to Hit List.It said "KILLJOYS MAKE SOME NOISE!Lightning

This is playing in my house right now....and I dont know why XD

OK Killjoys,you all know the Disney movie "Aladdin" right?Well this song,A Whole New World,is playing all through my house right now and I really dont know why XD Its kinda scary cuz no ones watching T.V and my ipod is off and so is my radio.Its soooo creepy!I think my house is haunted!!!No im kidding,i know its not haunted XD See you out in the Zones and stay safe!
Lightning Strike

Killoys and their discriptions needed!

KILLJOYS NEEDED!Sorry that was kinda random but its true!Im writing anew fanfic and I need some Killjoys.If you wanna be in it,leave your Killjoy's name and his/her discription and if you want to message me a pic of your Killjoy then you can.If you do give me a pic,I'll post that pic when your Killjoy comes into the story :D THIS IS A NEW STORY AND I REALLY NEED SOME CHARACTERS :)
Lightning Strike

My night just got really shitty but I just thought of something awesome!

My night just got really shitty cuz i wacked myself in the face with a freaking Wii remote and my glasses scraped up my face so nows theres are big bloody red line going up my face >:( But I just made this night a little bit better cuz i just thought of something awesome.So most of you have read The Umbrella Acadamy comics,right?So you know how the Rumor says, "I heard a rumor..."and then says whatever she wants and it happens.Well what if all the people that love Gerard say, "I heard a rumor that Gerard Way was standing right in front of me."That would be the shit wouldn't it?Tell me what