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I'm at a conference right now for young writers and we just did this setting writing so here's what I wrote about the boat picture we were looking at:

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Editing :)

Hey guys :)
So lately I've been getting into doing more edits like this one here that I did of myself. I love editing things like this...they come out so damn cool in the end.
Just wanted to share this real've you lovely people been? Hopefully you're not getting buried in snow like me and my boyfriend are.
See you in the zones, Killjoys!
Jess xoxo

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Airsofting :)

(Before people tell me that the picture is sideways- I already know. I have eyes and can see out of them.) This was taken this past Saturday on the airsoft field where my boyfriend works during the game titled 'White House Down' where I got to be the First Lady and oh my gosh it was so fun :) Anthony was the President and we had such a great day together....we also went to Ihop after and ate lots of pancakes lol

That's really all I have to say for the were your days,my lovelies? I hope they were wonderful and if not then here's a huggle (>^.^)>

Jess xoxo

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I think I might be in love....(>^.^<)

I've been really good friends with this guy that we call Silva (his name is a common one at our school,so we have to give certain people nicknames) and we've been talking every day for the past few months and we've gotten really close. We've been dating for a little while now and I gotta say...I really really love him. Silva is the sweetest guy in the world :3 <3 He once said that he was going to base a story off of me and when I asked how, this is what he said:

"You are the center of all things great. You have love, hate, fear, and kindness all swimming around inside of you; all of those feelings will come out eventually- not all at once, but they find their way. This is the journey of the girl with many faces and talents finds true love."

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*sigh* Life sucks...

Hey Killjoys, hope your lives are going better than mine is at the moment.
Well, my parents just told my brother and I that they're getting divorced. We're staying with my mum, but we'll still get to see my dad. It really sucks, ya know? I mean, I'm not as effected as my brother is because I already knew. I already figured it out. My dad...well he wasn't exactly very faithful to my mum. I still love both my just really fucking sucks. My brother and mum are really emotional...I'm not, and I feel like a real bitch because it really hasn't hit me yet. I'm just sitting here while they cry and talk about it.
I'm not effected by it that much because I've just been around this sorta thing a lot. Both of my 'sisters' parents are divorced, my ex's parents are divorced, my current boyfriend's parents are having lots of issues...I'm just used to being around it.
I just needed to get that off my chest...If anyone wants to chat, you can send me a message.

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Just thought you guys should know....

I changed my Killjoy name!Before it was Lightning Strike,but now it's Lady Lightning (so people can still call me Lightning haha) :) My new name just....flows more :P
That's all for now....
See you in the zones!
Lady Lightning xoxo

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My mom just got me tickets to see Black Veil Brides in January!!!!! :D Eeeeep!
I'm going to see them in New Hampshire,so if anyone's going then,I'd be glad to meet you and give you a hug lol :)
Lightning Strike xoxo

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I'm actually pretty happy right now!
Last night,my friend Nolan (who I've liked for a reaaaaaaaaaaaaaly long time) finally told me that he liked me back and that he'd be breaking up with his current girlfriend soon (things aren't working out).He said that He has liked me for a bit too,so I'm in a pretty good mood right now.
Today,me and Nolan talked some more and then me and Christina went to the zoo and got these cool stuffed animals that are soooooo flipping cute!I named mine after Nolan,since he liked it a lot haha
Christina named her's Riker Blane *whatever the last name was she chose lol* He's named after Riker Lynch of the band R5 and Blane from Glee

Sooooooo,that was my past couple of days in a nutshell haha ;3
Lightning Strike xoxo

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Q+A videoooooooo

Hey guys :) I really wanna do a Q+A video but i have no questions -.-" If ya wouldn't mind leaving as many questions as possible,that would be amazing <333333 I would seriously love you forever!Any kind of questions are accepted!!! <3
Lightning Strike xoxo

PS:I will mention your username in the video :3

GerardsGrl4ever's picture made me freaking cry <3

This poem was written by my friend Blake (not in any way related to the character Blake in my killjoy story) wrote this poem for his fallen brother, made me cry. <3 RIP Zane
You were here but a moment ago,
What we could have done I'll never know.
You were taken too soon,
Not even a flower in full blume.
I miss you owe so much,
I miss your touch.
You were only 18,
Meeting you was always my dream.
Now I have but a lock of hair to remember you by,
Why oh why did you of all have to die?
I miss you more than anything,
If I could see you but once more I'd give everything.
I will always have a certain pain,
But knowing your in a better place is amazing I love you Zane.
R.I.P. my fallen brother,
You deserve it more than any other.
You kicked all the drug's,
Leaving behind the thug's.
Your life was turning around,
Now your 6 feet underground.
I'll never forget you Zane. I love you. R.I.P.