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No Apprentice This Year!

The title of this blog is inspired by a text sent to me from Mikey Way. Willow, for some reason, is a movie we constantly talk about in the MCR camp, and watch from time to time. I literally remember us watching it one night before playing a show, and what proceeded was a bunch of very obscure in-jokes during the set. There are actually lots of those weird little things in the set.

I wanted to take a minute to thank everyone for bidding on the Ebay's really going to be a big help and we were amazed at how many people stepped up to bid on the items. You guys are great.

So lets see, what's been going on...
I miss blogging.
Lindsey and I went to the Sequoias (those trees are HUGE!)
We are gearing up to get together again and start rocking some more.
Ray just informed me that Watchmen is coming out on time, which is great news.
I have obviously been watching Rock Of Love Bus. And I love it.

More blogs today?

I think so.


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Auction For Charity On Ebay

It has indeed been a while since I have been able to blog on here, which upsets me as I would look forward to doing it everyday, sometimes multiple times a day, and about various subjects of varying levels of stupidity.

But today, marking my return to the blogosphere (is that the term?) I have something a little more important, and while I've done a pretty conscious job of keeping my comic and the band separate, today I'm posting about an auction for a limited Umbrella Academy signed hardcover, with an inked sketch I did of Spaceboy.

This auction is for a friend battling cancer and there are other auctions tied to this one, including some really rare MSI cd's, and some original art by my wonderful wife that appeared in the Projekt Revolution "Revolution Unseen" art book.

So I'm going to put a link here and hopefully it works, if it does not just search Ebay for "Umbrella Academy" and you will find it...

Thanks, and more blogs to come,

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I know it's been a while...

And it still might be a while. I apologize...things have been crazy busy. I have a ton to dump on you soon.

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He looks so happy...

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Oozing With Fun

Hey guys...been slammed with a lot of work and I'm starting to enjoy reality t.v. less and less so I haven't gotten a chance to post a new blog in a while.
But this came in the mail today and I wanted to share it with you.

Notice the "YUM!"

This fucking thing is incredible...

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Guest Blogger: Jon Rivera. Topic: Jabba Glob

Since my buddy Jon Rivera asked me to write the introduction to his graphic novel, Heartbreak, I asked him to return the favor by guest blogging on my current topic of interest- G

It's 1:40am as I lay in bed, in the darkness I hear the faint single vibration of my cell phone signaling a text message. My eyes still blurry, I grab my phone to see what this emergency/possible booty text is all about. I check the sender, it's Gerard.

"Can you write a guest blog about jabba glob?"

This is how we roll on the next level.

In the summer of 1999, Gerard, Mikey, and I waged a holy war on sanity and our bank accounts with the release of The Phantom Menace (or simply "MENACE" as it became known to us).

Mikey built a wall of Darth Mauls, I caressed my Naboo Starfighter as if I was comforting a lover, and Gerard wouldn't eat food if it wasn't officially licensed by Lucasfilm.

But amongst the Jedi hair braids, pod racer notebooks, and lightsaber pencil sharpeners lay Jabba Glob. Sure, he was just rubber Jabba the Hutt figure that puked up space frogs. But there was something more, a tantalizing mystique.

Sadly, Neither Jabba nor his glob played much of a role in Episode 1. So why does this figure exist? What is a slug gangster doing with such a look of serenity on his face? Why did he not come with a bowl for his space frogs?

He seemed the outcast. Unpopular and irrelevant. Connected, but slightly out of sync with the other figures. Maybe we loved Jabba Glob because in our hearts we felt like Jabba Globs.

Jabba Glob, so seemingly carefree, but with him an air of melancholy. For you see, Jabba only had one glob. They did not sell refills, and to add non official Star Wars slime to Jabba Glob would have surely resulted in injury or death.

You only got one shot at this glob, so you had to make it count.

If that dosent tell you a little something about life then you are willfully ignorant at best.

During that summer, Gerard bought me a Jabba Glob for my 19th birthday. The package of slime lays sealed under my bed to this day, waiting for it's moment.

Hundreds of years from now, my widow will sit on a hill, spoon feeding my ashes into Jabbas mouth. As my remains mix with one fluid ounce of glob...she will find comfort. Knowing that I've finally gone home.

-Jonathan Rivera
New Jersey
3:32 AM

***note photo included, taken in his room.

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WTF Moments in my young adult life: Jabba Glob

I'm not sure I even know what to write about Jabba Glob.
I think it's more fun if you just discover it on your own, maybe investigate it on the internet.
I don't even want to talk about Star Wars, just Jabba Glob.

When this came out, with The Phantom Menace, I thought it was the worst idea ever. Mind you, I bought Naboo Starfighter stationary and I thought THIS was the worst.

Now for some reason I want one.

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Left 4 Dead Review

You all knew I was buying this.

Now to the review-

I will start with a phone conversation between myself and a friend, Jonboy, who, along with being a diehard Prisoner fan, also shares my love for zombies. He is more diehard than me, meaning he saw Diary Of The Dead, and is the one who introduced me to Tombs Of The Blind Dead.
The first thing I asked him was,
"Do you think this may be the game we've waited our whole lives for?"
He replied "Yes. Yes I think it is."

And he is right. The game is simple, you pick up the controller, you kill hordes of zombies, you get to a safe house, you survive. I didn't need to read a manual, I didn't need to hop online and figure out what the hell was going on- I just got right in the game. I love the kind of game where you just intuitively know how to play it, and the audio cues in the game are so great that you instinctively know what's about to happen before it does. And that was before even playing online with friends.
Thats when the game got really fun.

We played the Blood Harvest scenario (my favorite) and made it to the final showdown at the farmhouse. We died so many times and in so many glorious ways that eventually, coordinating via headsets, we decided to hole ourselves in a bathroom upstairs, shutting every door along the way. Then we let it rip.
The room looked like Jesus Christ's meat-grinder took a shit all over the tiles by the time the rescue truck showed up. Jon then had the idea to climb out of the top floor window, walk along the roof, and make a b-line for the truck. We survived, most of us I think.
And that was some of the most fun I've had in a long time playing a game with my friends. Valve did a bang-up job.

Now how do I think this game could be better? Or a sequel be fantastic?

1. Character creator.
The characters in the game are great, and they all have personalities and distinct animations, but I felt that it didn't really matter who you picked, though I favored the Vietnam vet (I thought I would have liked the biker, Francis, best, but I feel that they cleaned him up a bit too much from his previous incarnation, where he looked overweight and definitely loaded up on cocaine). In a game where the point it fighting and surviving a zombie apocalypse with your friends, you should actually be able to see your friends while you do this. I'm not saying that people should be able to make ridiculous looking avatars, as they should be limited to the skins and tools provided by Valve hence fitting into the world, but they should be able to have the option for a custom Survivor.


3. More maps, though this is obvious. I would also like to see more varied missions, more missions that effect the map itself or the overall scenario. Search and rescue, assault...and I mean this game is dying for a Monroeville Mall map.


I love this game.

I forgot to mention the mood and tone of this game are perfect. Sometimes that's the most important thing to get and they nailed it here. There are moments that feel they are pulled out of everything from Night to Dawn of The Dead.

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Just ROTTING my brain

Scream Queens was excellent tonight.
It was nice to see Lindsay make a comeback and get more comfortable with her acting, though we felt Michelle did the best job on both challenges. Tanedra didn't have her best week but we were glad to see she made it to the GAUNTLET! Whatever the hell that is, it looks exciting.
I dare say it's the best reality show on television.
Some people might argue that Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew is better but that show is so damn good I don't even classify it as reality TV-
and who doesn't want to give Steven Adler a hug?

I also realized I have been calling Real Chance of Love "real chance @ love". I didn't realize there was a difference. This show almost lost me but this week wasn't bad, I was basically waiting for Scream Queens (I would call that "reverse piggy-backing", see my post on PUA2). But next weeks episode- that looks exciting. I definitely saw Real break a bottle over some dude's head.

I mean, overall, who gives a shit? I'm gonna listen to Chinese Democracy again.

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Scream Queens Tonight!

Get that part in Saw 6 muthafuckas!