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Sober House much better with Dick.

Andy Dick finally showed up in VH1's Sober House, which I wasn't exactly into for the first few episodes.
I found the show generally uninteresting and felt that none of them in the house had a shot in hell at staying clean due to the nature of the situation, with the exception of Rodney King. That dude is holding it down.
I also don't know how I feel about the cliffhanger involving Shifty Shelshock's (sp?) webcam?/suicide?/cryforhelp?.... what the hell is going on there and are we going to have to wait three weeks to find out?
I'm only hoping there's more Andy...

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I actually wish I had more pictures. I know Devin, who oversees all of our videos at Warner has a ton of great photos he took so I'm going to hit him up. I definitely thought I had way more than I do.

I took this photo the last night of shooting, when we had finished earlier in the evening and the rest of the band had airplanes to catch home in time for Christmas. So I hopped out of my costume and back into my civilian clothes and just hung around the set, watching.

Zack was shooting the exterior action of some punks assaulting a police officer, squad cars rolling up, patrons in a panic and scattering, really intense stuff. The whole while we were on this big empty avenue downtown, and it was completely shut down so we felt like the last people on Earth, kind of like driving really late at night.

I think this marquee is still up actually.

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Even more...

Ray and some "knot tops"....

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Mikey, in between takes...

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More Watchmen Photos...

As promised, heres another photo I took on the set...
more coming

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Did you guys see that fucking video?!

Cuz that shit is AWESOME
I'm so glad it's finally out... when we originally shot the video we were really excited to talk about it on the blog but figured we had to wait until it was released. We had taken a ton of photos and wanted to share them so I'm going to be doing that over the course of the week. Serious life-long dream to be a part of this film in some way, and we were lucky enough to have Zack direct it. He did a bang up job. Everyone on the set did...
Some of my favorite people on the set were the guys that played the "Knot-Tops", which is a street-gang from the comic. So I snapped a picture of them hanging out...
I would say this is in continuity...
Enjoy the video.

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New song today

Yay new song!

Actually it's not a new song, it's a cover song, but it's the first music we've recorded since Black Parade. As we are gearing up to start the next album I wanted to pop in and talk about the track we were asked to cover for the Watchmen film by Zack Snyder, which you can get here.

Firstly, I'd like to point out that we have never recorded a song for a film. We have allowed a couple of our songs to be used in trailers or end-credits, but since we are usually pretty busy with either recording or touring there has never been time to do something like this before, and even this was kind of tight, as we started it before even finishing our last tour. There have been other offers to do this kind of thing, and usually the timing always made it impossible, but more often than not the project never seemed to fit the band, and we have always passed. But when the chance came to do a cover of one of my favorite artists, Bob Dylan, for a film version of my favorite work of fiction of all time we had to jump at the chance.

Sometimes an interviewer will ask a musician "What's the one record or musical experience, like a concert, that made you want to make music?". Usually people will mention some sort of 7 inch record or a show they saw in a basement that really changed their lives, got them into punk rock, and shaped the way they looked at the world. For me it was Watchmen. At 15 years old, just as I was discovering The Misfits "Walk Among Us" I was reading the first chapter of the graphic novel. It is the one thing I can pinpoint that shaped my views and aesthetics, even down to the way I dressed at the time, not that I walked the hallways in a stained brown trench coat, but I definitely chose more antisocial articles of clothing, like an army jacket, picked up after watching Taxi Driver for the twentieth time, a film I was lead to by the comic. So I would definitely say it's pretty important to me and the band.

The talks started about the same time as Projekt Revolution, and I remember getting on the phone with Zack, who was as excited as I was, somewhere in the middle of the desert as out bus rolled to the next venue. We talked about the comic and he asked what I felt the approach
to the song should be, which was to take a cue from Jim Carroll, who is not only the author of The Basketball Diaries but also a musician, and a pretty great one at that. On his album, Catholic Boy, he has a song called "People Who Died", which I love, as does Frank, as he always includes it in our "Front Of House Mixes" you would hear during set-change during one of our concerts. Zack responded to this approach right away, as he actually used that song to end his remake of "Dawn Of The Dead", which I had totally forgotten about, even though the whole band saw it on opening night and loved it. So the tone was decided upon and then came the length, which initially Zack wanted to be the full version of Dylan's.

Now, I would consider myself a pretty big Dylan fan, especially after having worked with Scott Allie on my comic, as he really got me into him even more than I was before. And while I didn't want to alter the song at all, I found that I had to, due to the new approach and the aggressive nature of the cover. There was simply no way I felt you could make it feel like a trashy punk song and play it for ten minutes...I think it's impossible to keep that kind of energy up without either burning out or boring yourself, as anyone will note that most Ramones songs don't exceed three minutes, and there's a reason for that. Down-strummed til your wrist breaks! Fast and fucking hard!

So back at a hotel in Arizona I sat in a hotel and did a rough arrangement, which clocked in at around 2:40, and I paid careful attention to the lyrics, while losing some of my favorite verses I managed to keep the ones I felt were represented by Alan Moore in the comic. We then started playing the song at sound check, and had so much fun doing it that we decided to play it live, to get warmed up for the recording.

We did some initial tracking in Nashville and then just lived with it for a while. When crunch time came, and after seeing some of the film, I became increasingly unhappy with my vocal performance, and we felt we could get more out of the guitars. So we asked our friend Rich
Costey to help us finish the track and get some new sounds, which he did, in NYC at Electric Ladyland, with the addition of some sweet old Marshall Plexi's, to get a kind of Sex Pistols tone, and we had a blast.

And thats pretty much the story of the song. We're really proud of it, and really excited you finally get to hear it.


PS- Special thanks to Bob Dylan for letting us cover the song and for not getting really mad at us for hacking out some of the best lyrics ever written.

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Peg-warming; the art of

I'm going to explain this as best I can, for those that don't know, as I find it to be useful information.
If you do know- congratulations, you have obviously been rolling on the "next level" for some time.

A "peg-warmer" is an action figure that is usually the most abundant on the shelves, sometimes spread out on the rest of the pegs to create a sense of fullness, because it is the least popular figure in the assortment and thus the only one left.

Other notable peg-warmers include:
Padme (Phantom Menace Wave 1)
Ric Ole (Also Phantom Menace Wave 1)
Arctic-Laser Attack Batman (I made that up but it probably exists)
Sometimes a peg warmer can become valuable, due to the fact that no one owns them, and most of them are likely sitting in a landfill somewhere, like Jabba-Glob.

What we have here is a really good example of a peg-warmer, spotted at my local Target tonight, so I decided to take a picture. It's a lady from Jabba's Palace that has three sets of breasts.
I don't know her name.
I am not lying about that.


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-does a guy have to do to find some Frankenberry in the state of California?
Did they stop making it? Do they still make it and just don't ship it to Los Angeles?
Am I going to have to order some of Amazon?

Picture that for a minute...just close your eyes let your imagination bring this scenario to life...

A person, me, you, whoever- logging onto amazon, pulling out an actual credit card, inputing the exact numbers and the desired shipping address, possibly even selecting "Next-Day Air" to get some goddamned Frankenberry in a motherfuckin' cereal bowl.

I have searched several supermarkets in the last month and have not come across ANY of the cereal monsters. They always have Lucky Charms and all that other awesome sugar-shit but no F-Berry.

I don't even know how I even ended craving it in the first place, but I now have it strong.


I am just now learning that there are some people that live in California that have never even HEARD of Frankenberry. I mean I don't even know what to say about've been deprived...I'm sorry.
Heres all you need to know-
It's cereal that tastes like "strawberry flavor" but it's not exactly "strawberry flavored".
It has marshmallows.
It gives you pink sugar-milk.
Frankenberry has a giant head and red nail-polish...and he has two friends (he used to have a third but Fruit Brute is a bit elusive) -
Heres a's listed as a"Monster Trilogy" of no shit...

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Shit I Love: Warhammer 40K

It's no secret that I'm into some seriously geeky stuff.

And I'm not one of these guys who would say "Oh dude I totally used to play Dungeons and Dragons and I played a Half-Elf", boldly squeezing yet another color onto the palette of irony, blobbed right next to "Elk-sweatshirt" and "Handlebar mustache".

That shit is weak to me, and earns you no points. If you weren't rolling dice until you were at least 25 years old, LARP'ed by the time you were 15, or know that there was in fact a Riddler "Super Powers" figure (merely a repainted Green Lantern) produced in Argentina only, under the brand name "Super Amigos", naturally, then there comes a point in the conversation where you are simply not following me, a point where no amount of head-nodding can convince me you have any idea what I'm talking about, nor do I make any sense to a normal person.

Like when I talk about buying a reissue of a "Land Of The Giants" trash-can from 1969, to go along with my vintage "Planet Of The Apes" trash-can I got off Ebay, because, obviously, one old science fiction trash-can manufactured for a child isn't enough. I need two.

But I digress, and I'd like to point out that I am trying not to be an elitist about this, I have just grown increasingly frustrated with the recent swing in popularity toward "geek-stuff", simply because these days wearing elf-ears is getting dangerously close to having a Bro-hawk six years ago. But if you got into all this crazy obscure geekery at 36 years old, more power to you. I need people to blow up with my Orks anyway...

Which brings us to-

Warhammer 40K.

I remember playing my first game of Warhammer 40K as a smaller scale version of it called EPIC 40K, with my friend D.J. up in Glen Ridge, NJ where he lived. It was great. It was fun. I knew shit about painting minis (short for miniatures or "little metal men" as my Mom would call them, as in "You've got these fucking little metal men all over the house") so my Eldar Reaver Titan didn't look very good, and in fact was painted with Testor's Enamels (the "kiss of death" for mini's, purchased at fine stores such as K-Mart) and looked like I had dipped my Eldar War Host into full bottles of my Mom's nail-polish (they were still sticky as we were playing and I had finished them WEEKS before the battle). D.J's minis always looks great, and he had a full army of Orks.

But I had a great time, despite the fact that I lost.
I lost a lot.
In fact I don't think I ever beat DJ and we played al the time, but winning isn't everything (see VMA's 2005) and the game was more about collecting, painting, converting, and having a blast.

When we upgraded to good old 40K (was it still Rogue Trader at this point?) I changed armies, now opting for the Imperial Guard. I gravitated toward this army because they were literally normal guys, just simple army guys with lousy laser rifles. And they died like normal guys, ALL THE TIME. But I just loved the idea of a scrub with a Lasrifle going up against a Greater Demon Of Nurgle- kind of like The Dirty Dozen vs The Balrog.

Then came a brief interlude with teenage drinking (not recommended), and a short attempt at "being cool".

That didn't last at all so the next army I got into was Orks.

Orks in 40K are great because they are basically like the Orcs we have come to know in fantasy literature, but the are in space. So they're Space Orks...and to me that's pretty fucking cool. And they are also great for guys like me that aren't amazing painters, because they basically covered in garbage, shooting garbage at you, and driving around in garbage. And they don't require much strategy, which I am obviously horrible with, you just run in and start shooting.

So I haven't actually played much since I was a kid but I still follow it, occasionally grab some minis from the local Games Workshop and entertain the idea of eventually playing. During the making of Black Parade I actually convinced Ray Toro to get into it. He got Space Wolves, the only kind of Space Marines I actually dig. Oh and I just remembered we actually got Patrick Stump into it...Necrons...that was's lure knew no bounds.

I'm currently into The Death Korps of Krieg, and Vostroyans, both Imperial Guard armies, and as always Orks (especially those new plastic kits and the awesome Forgeworld stuff), though I occasionally miss the Eldar, and think about starting up some of those as well. I also briefly flirted with Tau, because Fire Warriors are some of my favorite models.

So that's some shit I love.


***forgot to mention, me and Mikey played some wicked f-ing games of Necromunda***