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..wish me luck im going to a all night relay ;[ ;]


i can start to see my floor again ya ;]

night mcrmy ;]

.. im stupid cause its around 1 in the moring and i just got done taking a shower thats rely crazy but im staying up all night and tomorrow cause of the relay for life ;] its a all night thing and any one that wants to go can go and my friends and i would get rely hyper and we would get so hyper that it would look like we are high but were not its rely funny ;] but ya thats all ;]

im CRaZy ;] lol


omfg my phone broke cause it fell in the river and i hade to go in and get it and it was freezing ;[ and now im using a old stuiped phone that i dont like ;[

poor bob and some other person ..

i feel so bad for bob i found it on myspace and ya ;[ poor bob

and haha person that read twilight lol[i dont hate twilight i love twilight ]


night night mcrmy or what ever time it is at your home ;]but night night ;]


im soo bored and im whiting for my bf to call me
and i cant what anymore and
dose any one want to chat whit me ;]

night ...

night night ppl its most likely gonna be another sleepless night like it was last night ;[ bu all well its better to try to go to sleep then not ;] i think ... but anyway night ; ]

this is what happens whem im bored