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night night mcrmy ;] or what ever time it is at your place ;]

omfg i love my hear...

i did it myself and my mom and dad threw away my hear exstshons ;] but all well but im still upset about it ;[ i fucking hate them for that ;[ but ya how dose it look ;] plzz comment ;] thanks ;]


my parents cant get on hear any more i just found out thay have been getting on my account ;[ but ya now i can blog with out me worrying about getting in trouble ;]

mcrmy i need your help again ;] (plzz comment)

well im so fucking confused my dad says not to tell my bf what i did and you guys say to tell him but i do want to tell him but i need to just get the guts to tell him .
cause this is rely hard to just come off and tell him. i still cant belive what i did
and now im starting to like the kid i kissed now that i think about it and i new him longer than my bf but the thing is he has a gf but he says he still likes me from when i was like 8 so that means i new the kid for like 3 years ;] but ya and i new my bf for like 6 months ;[ im so damn confused right now i like both my bf and the kid i

omfg... such a wimp i could not tell my bf what i did
and i still feel rely bad
i want to tell him but i just cant im afraid
to just tell him ;[
y cant i just say what i did right to his face im
feeling rely rely bad for not telling him ;[
i rely want to tell him but yet i dont ;[

someone help me !!!
i dont want to keep this secret
i have enough on my mind as it is and now this ;[
god i hate guys!!!!

(not all thou )


night mcrmy im not feeling good som im going to bed ;[ soo night night mcrmy ;]

the relay...

i hade a great time at the relay ;] i stayed up till 5 ;]

im sorry

im sry...
im sry for every tear you sheared cause of me
im sry for every cut you made to take the pain away
im sry for for every thing i made you do
im sry for every cigarette you ever light cause of me
im sry that i was not a good gf but im trying to be
i love you and im sry and nothing is ever gonna change that

(this is for my bf i love him but i broke his heart a few times and im so sry for what i made you do i love you and i wish i could take it all back i never ment for you to hurt yourself cause of me and i wish you did not hurt your self cause of me )

mcrmy i need your help !!

someone help me!! plzz give me advice cause
i made out with a defrent kid then my bf but it wasent my fault ;[
but mcrmy should i or shount i tell my bf

i need every ones advice ;]
plzz help me !!

night mcrmy

ill be on tomorrow