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plzz read the pics...

mcrmy plzz read all of this pics ...
that's how i feel inside i try to hide it but its heard to
i got into a fight with my bf and ya and i need to find myself i don't no who i am anymore
im not the girl who i use to be even my sis agrees i cant take much more ;[
i love my family but i don't think they love me anymore i rely don't no how im going to get thou this with out u guys im try to stop cutting but im doing rely good and also i cant cause i got to go down to my aunts and i cant hide them from her ;[ i need help i need to talk to someone non of my family will listen to me im alone in


yaa i got to eat lots of cake ;] woowhoo ; ]


today i turned 12 ;] im soo very happy ;]


hay is there any solderer out there that live in Pennsylvania
if so plzz message me ;] thanks ;]


wow im still tired ;[ and i slept in till 12;[


this is what happens when i get bored ;]

i put up random pics ;]


Ok all of you guys are giving her advise but I think that she should just do what she wants she is my sister and she is a very confused little girl but i think she can do what is right so if she says oh dear what should I do please just tell her to think it through don't make a rational decision please because she can do it and she knows it but if you guys could just make her confidence come up she has a low self esteem and im very worried so if you could help her become herself and not try to be someone she isn't thanks =)

and isn't my sister beautiful?


awww my awesome sunglasses broke ;[
thay were my only pare of sunglasses ;[
darn my friend ;[


night night mcrmy ;] or what ever time it is at your place ;]


omfg this pic is so wow i made it
on myspace and
ya i think its rely kool and
its a pic of me and it saye
mcr fan 4 ever