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OMG!!! i forgot when international mcr day is plzz help me cauzz i want to do something special soo plzz comenet and tell me i need your help mcrmy


i love the mouse its name is betty (dont ask me friend named it)
itss so cute ;] dont u agree mcrmy ;];]


thank you ;]

i relized that my life story is on hear im on as much as possible
i go to u guys my family for ever
thing u guys r awesome your rely the only thing i have left
i love u guys ;] u guys r always there for me ;]
u guys r the best ;]
i love u guys u r my family ;] and thank u soo much for being there for me ;]

night ..

night night mcrmy or wht ever time it is at your place ;]
but night night ;]


some fucking french kid went aoo french on me and i dont no what the hell i did wrong ;[
i just sayed hello ;] like that and he sayed this this is translated "Are to the fact you that?
Not serious, esseye to speak francais ca breaks me the couilles otherwise or j'sais does not go on a translation site but demerde you Ca m'casse the couilles the big fakes as you :/:/Bah then you speak more one put you a balet in the bottom or what? Whore but have you not shame to have a style also mocheva you scarifier it! " and im like wtf! did i do wrong ;[
and ya so who ever dose not talk English im


omfg i just found out the kid i like cuts i cant believe him y would he do that ;[
and ya and he nos that i do and ya i dont no what to do plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz help me mcrmy i need u guys to help me !!

me and me friend is nfucking high and its rellrellrellyyyyy funny andn what ever else gose whit it ;]
CCCAAAAAAANNNNNNDDDDDDDYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!! IIICCEECCCCRREEAMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

good and bad news....

whhhhhhhooooooooo i died my hear black and im gonna get pink tips and blue green highlights ;] amd i did not get the kitten ;[ that sucks

R.I.P. ....

.. i just realized that its been like 4 months since all my friends past away
i cant belie that i went that long with out them i miss them soo much thay were mcr fans to
thay were the best ugh i mis them i wish thay did not go ;[ thay could have talked to me cause thay new i was going thou a lot to and i knew how thay felt and we would get picked on together and not alone thay were there for me and i wannest there for them i was a bad friend ;[ y did thay have to go thay were all i had and now i have nothing ;

(Haley ,Cassy , Sam , Kiersten ,ayden ,and my best friend in the world Leroy) u

ya i might... getting a kitten ;] i cant what till tomorrow to find out and then ill let u no ;]