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YAYYYY im bck home !!!!! soo is there anything new with
the band ??

ugh ;[

well today im leaving for the rest of the summer
bye u guys love ya all and cya in 2 months
bye mcrmy


ugh i cant believe tht my bf killed himself y dose this shit happen to me
and y bidet i syop him i could have no one will ever want me ;[
fuck life i dont care im not gonna do anything cauzz there is no reasone y i should even b hear so ya but ya this kinda stuff rely only happens to me im sick of my life i hate it ;[

;[ ugh.....

two more days till im gone for 2 months
damn this is gonna b heard not to b on hear ;[
i love u guys u guys r my fam and i dont want to go ;[
and i have to go ;[ and if eny of u want my # message
me and ill give it to ya so ya so we can txt or
something so ya ill b leving in two days so ya message me plzzzzzzz!!!!!!!



mcrmy can u plzz help me cheer up plzzzzzzzzz


ugh i got to go to my moms i hate going there ;[
and then im not gonna b able to be on for to months god this is gonna b so head not to b on hear ugh well ill cya mcrmy byee


can u guys check out my vids on youtube hears on of my fav vids shes not a good singer thou but pay atchon to me thou im rely funny ;]!v=okOtdimpl74

random pics;]

i have not posted some pics im awhile


omg im not going to be on for 4 months cauzz i have to go to my aunts and she dose not have a computer ;[ im soo sad i hate going over there ;[

OMG I HATE my phone !!!!!!!!

i want to tet this kid and its not letting me ;[