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woww i have missed alot =\
well ... whats new n i have no clue wht my killjoy name will be =[ im a fail =\... lol but anyways lol whos all getting there new album ??? ik i am haha but yeahh so hows lifee???
like yeahh mine has been uhh idkk lmfeaoo .. like i got a new bf well im going bck out wif him :) <33 lol but dont we make a cute couple ?? lol but yeah hes the best n i love his blue eyes :) lol this song describes wht i feel for himm woww im getting off the subject lol but yeahh ... rawrr i forgot wht i was gonna say but yeahh uh thts it message


woowww my bf just broke up wif me n he hurt me but he has the guts to say i still love u forever n always n im like woww but hes just sooo amazing :) his eyes r soo blue <3 his lafe is soo cute his hair is awesome but hes just sooo sweet n now i cry my self to sleep n wake up crying i rely like him well i love him haha jezz im nver gonna b happy


i need cheering up help me mcrmy cheer me up plzz =\

plzzz mcrmy do it for me plzzzz(onley if u got twitter)

well guys i just made a twitter acount soo
plzz follow meh n ill follow you ;]

killjoys make some noise !!
lmfao xD
~pamala ;]


YAY!! im talking to my best friend n now im lliveing with my aunt for awhile thou n im pretty happy hear but there is soooo much stuff going on it unreal and is i did not have u guys n mcr idkk but yaa talk to mehh i have not been on in forever !!! like yaa n woww i bloged alot today all well n i think i should go to bed its like 5:56 xD all well im homeskool soo yaaa idc :] butt yaaa message me plzzzzz !!!! but i guss im staying awake all day n this is gonna kill mehh lol xD well wish meh luck (my cauzin is makeing mehh stay upp ) xD gerrr im tired xD RAWR!!!! ima taco wht the hell am i


omg im soooo bored ppl plzz talk to mehh message me plzzzzz

and i love dis pic
xD n saying ;]


p.s. i miss my old friends tht i use to talk to all the time soo message me plzz thxx


omg i might b getting my hair like gee i cant whauit n yaa n now im so excited for the new album i gave hope up a long time ago but yaa there bckk !!

killjoys make somenoise !! :]



omg woowww i just heard the new song and its amazing
and now i cant stop listing to tht ..... ;] ...... n now im not gonna eat or sleep till i have tht albume in my hands xD omg woooowwww im like shaking cauzz im sooooo happy :]

idk wht to put the tittle as but who cares xD

well spending the week at my aunts trying to get my mind off thing bored just got done doing skool and yes im homed skooled and on facebook too but ya message mee plzzzzzzzz im sooo bored xD


omg i have not been on hear for months
soo whts new with the band?????????