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i dont know what to put as the title

my lifetime dream is to see My Chemical Romance live and get all of there albums <3 i will never reast easy untill i have fulfilled them

its been awhile ..

well hello my friends ..
i got my lip pierced and i pierced both sides and then took the left side out lol but um whats new wif the band ? havent been on in a while so um yeaa

R.I.P march 7, 1983 - december 27,2010

wow ...its been like 3 or 4 months since my grandmother past awayy... i miss her soo muchh ... can u guys try n cheer me up ... plzzz


idk i felt like posting pics o.o woops lolz u can soo tell i got bored :P lmao

up date lol

hey guys lol not on hear much but yeah lol but umm yeahhh im bored D: lol who likes ma hair to bad i have to die it black n blond cauz i have to go to public skool again >.< but i still keep the laptop ! :) lol but yeahh i think ima post a few poems on hear haha ttyl pplz :)

whts up killjoys :)

yoo pplz whts upp how u guys been :)) n this summer ill be on :))! yayz my aunt finley got internet :)))) woot woot ! lolz im hyper :))) im getting hair extions soon n im dieing my hair black n pink :))) lolz but yeah


omg i did not no marlin manson made fun of frankie >< tht ass hes just jelouse of frankie cauz frankie is hotter then he is n there better then him hm .. marlyin manson should go suck a penis >:)

dont anyone eles miss the old mcr besids me ?

am i the only one tht misses mcrs old stuff n the way they were befor like i like there new stuff but idk its just like whoa wht happend to the songs tht really spoke to me now there like just words =\ ughh well whtever i still love them mcr for ever ! lol sorry for any miss spelled words i sprand my finger going up my steps .. tht take talent XD but yeah i think ima go XD

pics i edited :)

i edited thes ... wht do u guys think ?

lol if u guys want plzz send me some pics to edit n ill post them on hear if u guys want haha ^^

my email is ..... ^^ kk thanks (:

who likes my new hair ^^

haha new hair loll im thinkin bout dieing it all pink haha but dont no yet haha wht do u guys think thouu ...