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guss wht i got pics of ayden ya i think hes soo cut :) dont u guys :) so happy 4 my sis :)

welcome to the world ayden metthew :)

YAY im a aunt now cause my sis just hade her
baby and hes a boy and hes name is.......
he was born april 11 at 9:07 he
wase 6pounds and hes 21in
and hes soooo
cut and i would post some
pics but i dont have eny at this time but
i will suner or later and he
will be coming home very soon wich i
cant what to hold him agin :) and i wil keep u guys
updated and i will post some pics soon so keep cheking back
for more updates on how hes doing
and more ... ok soo i think i went a little to far but ya :)
im rely happy for my sis o what i have some altra sounds that i will post


dose eny one want to chate with me !!!!!!! im sooo bored !!!!;(


happy b-day gerard way ;D ...
ya thats pretty much it


im soo very
happy cause
the boy i liked
asked me out to
day and this is the
only time i can post
stuff and we hung out
the whol day :)ya:)


omg!!!!!!!!!!!this week i just got my very
ferst t-shert of mcr i hade too get it
at hot topic thou and i got the black praid is dead dvd/cd
and also plzz comment on how i look in the t PLZZZ!!!!!!
and thank you ttfn (tata for now ):)

im SCERED !!!!!!! :(

i just wactched a fucking scary ass vido on youtube and im fucking scared now!!!! :I i thout i was gonna shit myself cause its bloody mary and shit and its around 1:30 in the morning i was fucking just browsing youtube and shit and it was like all bloody and shit IM SCARED !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :I

i hate my pearents

hay people its me and guse what !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! my my asshole pearents are fighting agian over stuped shit and if thay dont stop it instead of me killing myself im gonna kill them!!!!!!!!!!!!!! there so fucking anoying god i hate them!!!!!!!!!!!! and cause of them now i am a cutter and i started last night cause i was thinking of how it would feel and it felt good and at ferst i thout it would hurt but it didnet and so now im a cutter and its my pearents fault !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i hope there happy now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and people dont worry im not gonna let myself bleed

thank you :D

i would like to thank all the nice people that comnted on my last blog x-speshley(if thats how u spell it )
mcr-lover-666 cause she will be there for when noonelse is there and i would like to thank the other people for putting them nice coments and thay made me open my eyes that there r people that care about me and they dont even know me and that is realy nice of them cause i was realy gonna kill myself tomarow but i was lucky enofe that there r realy nice people on the enternet that care about other people so thank you guys for comenting but PS: i still hate my life and nothings gonna

i fucking hate my life

I fucking hate my life!!!!!! i wish i was dead im so fucking pissed off im ready to kill myself but i wont cause i dont have the fucking guts to!!!!!! but my fucking fagget ass mother is being a bitch i fucking hate her !!!!!!! im better off DEAD!!!!!!!!!!!! im ready to punch a fucking hole in my wall and just bleed to death!!!!!!! my fucking siktrist (if thats how you spell it ) isent doing shit i fucking hate my life!!!!!!!!!!! well i dont want to take it all out on you guys cause its not your falt so im gonna go and smash somethings !!!!!!!!! :I