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dose anyone know a good name for a girl ;]
plzz help me ;]


YES its raining i love the rain its so nice ;] me happy now

who ....

who thinks i should get snake bits ???? ;]


yes i just remembered that im turning 12 in 19 days me so very happy ;]but me still sad i still cant believe he left me ;[

i miss him ;[

the day u walked into my life i new u were something special
but i never new what i had till it was gone its killing me inside to see u with another girl
when that should be me next to you holding your hand i wish u would take me back on more time and i wont mess it up this time and all i want to say is sry i miss u and i love you and btw we were the best couple i ever heard of cause we were there for each other and we never let each other down and we never fight and i rely love you your the best thing that ever happened to me and i cried for days and i wanted to cut and i never cried over


dose anyone want to chat wit me cause im soo bord ;[


has anyone ever heard of
black veil brides and aiden
cause i was exploring youtube and i
came a cross them
and i fell in love with there music
just like with slipknot i use to hate them
and now i listen to them and people
say that im lying but im not i do like them
now but what ever and if you ever herd of them
plz coment i would put up a music video
but i dont know how to (im stupid )but there r some pics
of them the first on is black veil brides and the seconded is aiden ;D
so plz coment ;D thanks ;D


im a aunt of of two now well i
have been for about two weeks
ones name is ayden Matthew
(the newest to the cruel world )
and the other is Conner (the two month one )
there so cut and i get to see them
every day at lest when im home witch is not
very often (cause im out running the streets with my friends )
so ya i got so pics of them ;D
(the first one is conner and the second is ayden )

shoot me !!!

someone shoot me i feel like shit
god theres something going around
in my house and i got it ;(.....and the funny thing
is that i got grounded for a week
and im sick haha so this wont
bother me at all;Dhahahaha


it says it all in the tittle im sry for not being online for
awhile iv been so very
busy with my sis and
friends cause iv been going to the mall with them
and seeing moves
and we saw this movie called clash of the ti tents
and it was so gay it was not very exciting at all
and we thought it would b but it wasn't and ya
and i got yelled at cause i didn't call
tot tell them that i was gonna b late but i
couldn't get a hold of eny body and shit so ya sry :) but other wise
iv been rely good iv been going to my friends and talking to
them when i have a problem so ya