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mmmmm me bored ;]

there cute i found them on myspace ;] at least i think they r cause they r what i feel sometimes but iv been happier lately ;]


this is torture i cant what till tomorrow
i want to talk to maverick so badly
y cant it be Wednesday !?! gosh i cant what ;]....
and isent he cute ??;]


FUCK!! i could not go to sleep last night but it was worth it cause i could talk to my bf at like 6 something but ya it still rely rely sucks but what ever im still rely happy ;] but im still rely rely tired ;[ i wish i could go to sleep but i cant ;[


night night ppl or what ever time it is at your place ;]


yes ;]
im so happy
cause the dud that iv been talking to
for over 6 months now just
asked me out and i
though he would never ask me
out cause he 15 going on 16
and im
almost 12 and ya but
im rely happy now ;] but
the bad part is he lives out of state
but i don't care cause
hes coming to see me this summer
cause his dad is driving up hear
just for him to see me ;] and he
never kissed
a girl b4 so if im the first girl
he ever kissed im
gonna feel rely special i rely like him but ya ;]
but i cant talk to him till tomorrow thou ;[ but im still rely happy ;]


9 is the erlyest i have ever woke up im soo damn tired but i have to get up ;[

so morning ppl ..
or wht ever time it is at your place ;]


night night or wht ever time it is at your place but for me its night night ;]

on my last blog you guys asked y...

... cant some of my friends be friends whit me is cause there parents dont want there child around that shit witch is fucking gay but thats y thay cant be friends whit me ;[

.. so sad ;(


yes i got my snakebits and pluse the
nose ring ya im rely happy now i got what i
wanted and more;]
but now some of my friends cant b my friends ;[


night ppl or moring or wht ever time it is at your place ;] ill b back on then ;]