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i really need to get help.. my depression is getting worse everyday and no one seems to relies this.only thing that's stopping me is that i know they would put me back on medication but i don't want that..


my beautiful. i love this man. he was taken to soon. it'll be a month in three days. i hope hes happy. i raise a bowl to you. ill forever love you mike. i hope too see you again someday. rest easy babe.

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Hello my name is Pamala I am 16 years old. I am going through a rough time March just has not been my month. I have nowhere else to go. I feel as if no one cares about my feelings or just what I have to say all around. I know a lot of people will not read this but I need to let this all out. On March 6th I got a call my friend committed suicide. At that point I broke. I just wanted to get fucked up. It killed me. I didn’t know still don’t know how to handle this.


hey guys this is a blog...


hey guys so im moving to Indiana and was woundering if anyone lived in kokomo? ill be moving there i would like to have a friend or two already. .-.
and i know some people dont like the idea of meeting people from the internet. but thats how i have most my friends lol but yea let me know please c:


hey guys i really need some cheering up.. a little help.? please?


hey guys! so i was thinking about what piercings i wanna get.
like i have snake bites and im getting my belly pierced next time my friend alex comes up. and i wanna get my brig pierced. but i was thinking about piercing my nose again.
what do yous think? would i look good with it??

i love you<3

this is just a poem i wrote<3
Put down the razor put down the rope step away from the gun. Times are hard and your feeling low. You fell down and you can't seem to get back up with out a helping hand. So take my hand and when you rise you'll be stronger then ever. It will still get hard but you won't be alone when you fall down I'll be here to pick you back up. I'll give you a hand to hold and guide you. <333


hey guys i need to get some stuff off my chest and i just need to talk. so a few days ago. my pop pop was put on life saport he had a heart attact and the way its going there going to end up pulling the plug. when i first heard the news. i became numb i dident wanna feel anything i dident feel anything i was just numb. i went on facebook and seen a picture of him he looked so happy. then it hit me. im never going to be able to see him again. im never going to be able to hug him or even say goodbye. i broke down i couldent stop crying.