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Gerard13666's blog

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Happy Birthday

A very Happy Birthday to Gerard Way. For all the Inspiration and hope he has given to many of us. All I can really say is Thank you and Happy Birthday. :)

Killjoy names

Add yours and repost... mines the first :P

Neon Blood
Suicide Sweetheart
Star Falls
Forever Kis$ed
Under Byte
Nitro Nightmare
Amplified Suicide
Alkaline Child
Stardust Specter
the fullmetal killjoy
10. Cherry Bomb
krooked klymene
razorblade disco
marshmallow grenade
Retro Rebel
Ash americana
pyro child
Vinyl Rabbit
Agent Revenge
Lurid Kid
20.White Crayon
Killshot Delirium
Exterminator Cola
Ritalin Raygun
Lethal Toast
Retro Glory
heart eater
Pinky Pain
30. Dirty Birdy
Butane Brat
Jazz Bullets
Tempo Thief
Jett Light
Handguns Galore
Cyanide revenge

MCR killjoys!!!! WOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!

they just put the video of NA NA NA on MTV it always awesome seeing it. MCR all the way!

Killjoy name

Name: Synchronized Vengeance
Mine and might be my band's name NO takes. Mine!

Costume: Black eye mask, with Red blood splashes. Red with black strips long sleeve shirt. a mcr killjoy bandanna tied around neck. blue ripped jeans and shoes with skulls (black and red)