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I leave for college soon.
*squeaks* I am SOOO godamned nervous. I'm doing a full-time course on Music Tech. 3 days a week, as it's my dream to become a producer xD (I can dream, can't I? lol)I enrolled last Monday, and I am THE ONLY girl on the course -cheesy proud grin- but I'm still nervous, and I somehow get the feeling I am NOT going to make any friends, and be the weird loner kid as usual. Most the people on my course are so immature for being in college, or it's me cause I am too mature for my age.
Sky Scrappers And Fire (poem)
After much persuation, I plucked up the courage to post something from my poetry book. Ehm.
wow, looks amazing!
The new site looks amazing, guys. (Not sure if anyone reads this or not, but I'll just talk to myself!) It looks incredible, with the new layout and new album on the way :D I love the random sentences that keep appearing underneath "MY CHEMICAL ROMANCE" every time you go from one of the other sections to homepage. Lolz. The place Ray stayed at looks like heaven. So beautiful, I can't believe my eyes. --Late-- Happy Anniversary to Gerard and Lindsey :D I have no idea what to type.