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bowling for soup tomorrow night

I was wondering;
is anyone from this site going to see bfs tomorrow night at the o2 academy, bristol?
be epic if you are, i'm going alone and wouldnt mind meeting up (:

I dedicate this song, to the ones who don't belong. (:

I'm so hyper ^_^
I'm seeing Bowling For Soup on Friday, so I'm gonna party like a nutter to celebrate Gerard's birthday.
I'm probably gonna go in an MCR tshirt and get weird looks. hahahaha!
I intend to see MCR when they next tour in Cardiff too, can't wait xD and in May, I'm seeing Kill Hannah xD And I want to see MSI again and Simple Plan... lol
Gonna be mental year of band'ing around. (:
And I just love this KH song. Check it out.

Love ya guys xox

the innocent is never portrayed enough.

okay, so basically, I went shopping for groceries earlier and I had my hood up the whole time and earphones in.. I got so many weird stares, some even panic struck!
I EVEN got asked to put down my hood by the security guards and to take out my earphones and shop like a normal human being.
UHM HELLO, I didn't have a knife hidden behind my neck, covered by the hood, ready to go ahead and create a plagued series of killings.
I suffer anxiety, BADLY. And hate crowds... having my hood up blocks most people out --- as stupid as it sounds.
And I don't feel so self-conscious with it up, than with it

"Wishing She Was Dead Isn't Gonna Solve A Damned Thing";

Early in the morning,
Vampire's watching,
Clouded over grey, misty,
And blood's trailing down.

Another day in this life,
Has it filled you up yet,
With disgust you've felt so long for yourself?
I know what you're thinking,
And believe me, I want the same.

I remember the days, like Romeo and Juliet,
The dramatics and stage lights,
Poison ivy; clotted cremé,
And now the razor blade in hand.

If you're gonna say goodbye,
Please keep me in your memory,
Don't shut away the truth,
Don't push me away for something that isn't real.

(She's not

i'm not okayy (I promise)

i'm not okay,
i'm not okay,
i'm not okay,
you wear me out....

once again, this song has been the only thing to explain and help vent how i feel.
i just want to get drunk D:
i may just add to this though that 3cheers is absolutely amazing.
as if none of yew's knew that already lol xox

everyone else is doing it, so why can't i xD

Song that will be covered by My Chemical Romance on their new album?
We're The Good Guys: Saving Aimee

Frank bursts out of your locker and begins to sing:
Time Only Knows: Prince Of Persia soundtrack (lmfao)

You peek into MCR's dressing room and Mikey is lip-syncing this song into the hair dryer:
2 Hookers And An Eightball; Mindless Self Indulgence (nice one Mikeyyy XD)

Ray's afro starts transmitting radio frequencies! The song it picks up is:
Online Songs; Blink 182 8)

Mikey slips the wrong tape in the P.A. system in the "I'm Okay" video! This song blares instead:
Teenage Dirtbag; Wheatus

I SO phail at this..

So, I've had an acoustic guitar (Charlton! XD) for over 2 years now. Do you think I can even play a simple chord by now within that time? Hell no. I haven't even mastered tuning yet.
I tried tuning it for the first time in months a little while ago. I think I de-tuned it, more than tuned it.
I phail at anything music related so bad. D:
And sorry for the gay, uglyass pic of me xD

i'm feeling lonely D:

and headachey right now due to lack of sleep.
i'm also headachey from thinking hard for being so confused about shit.
i haven;t even started my coursework for college yet..

anybody wanna give me a reason to smile?
cause to be honest, i'm feeling quite down in the slums o.O

much love to all <3
ps. this song makes me wanna cry

i don't know what to do cause i'm being bullied at college :/

okay, basically...i started college (music technology, level 1) in september.
i was so antisocial and whatever, that i wouldn't talk to ANYBODY. at all. and then i became friends with this girl called trish... she was awesome, and really nice. she didn't care if i hung around her... we'd laugh and joke and shit. i really thought we [i]were[/i] friends. then around late october - heading into - early novem, she'd started to get nasty towards me.

easter hunt

-________________- am i the only ONE whos found no success in finding any of the eggs?!?! :(
literally, i've searched like EVERYWHERE and got buttkiss.
xox stay safe