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hello (:

I haven't been on here in aaaaaaaages!!
anyone missed mee? -.-;
how're you ALL?

hows everyone doing?

I want to know xD /stalkerishmadmantypinghere
joking by the way lol
You Know What They Do To Guys Like Us In Prison is playing. yay. xP
I haven't heard this song in forever. :O lolol
and I kinda miss the old MCR with the looooooongg song titles and album titles and shizz.

plus all the dramatics, theatrical stuffs, make up....etc.
am i the only one? lol

I haven't blogged in a while...

Well done to the winner of speed reading the hits.... I envy you.

How is everyone?
Just a little recap to do with my bullying situation at college; its FINALLY been taken seriously and is now hopefully under control.
I'll love you forever and ever and ever and after death.
and when I'm famous, I'll give you all free cds. (y)

honest, my life would.

Geekikid my life would be complete if @FrankIero tweeted about needing to take a piss. XD
5 minutes ago via web (via Twitter)


speed reading contest???

I wanna give it a go but I cant speak clearly in general. And I'd probably mess it up, whilst bursting out into lol's cause MCR would be watching me make an ass outta myself XDDDD


They have Allstar Converse high tops on eBay for £16.10P on "Buy It Now" with free P&P.
I think I'm in heaven x]] that's like...over half-price. haha.
Here in shops they're like £38.99

Gerard Way Shades

My bffl absolutely cannot stand those shades on Gerard at all XD It's quite funny, cause I love them on him and I have an exact same pair. haha. Except his are more rectangular and mine are more rounded. XD
She prefers them on me, more so than him. x]]
and I just realised how much I resemble Gee in my pic with the shades on. haha.
How's it going MCRMy? ^_________^

coffee, coffee, coffee, coffee, coffeeeeeeeeee FTW.

I've had 3 choco coffee's within an hour.
I'm not sure I should have that much amount of coffee;; I'm sooo hyper now. haha
Its disturbing and freaking out my brothers. They're like WOAHHH SHITTTTTTT.
coffee, coffee, coffee. omgee.
I'm addicted. It's worrying. Especially cause I use to hate coffee. But now I freaking love it; can't get enough of it!!!

I feel like a certain Mr. Way with his coffee addiction. Think I've caught it off him.

Coffee, coffee, coffee.

music, thoughts of suicide and good old-fashioned depression.

Verse 1.

Woke up in the morning,
Dark, cloudy, full of doom,
Another pending day for me,
To waste it all down the drain,
Revolving my dreams around music,
Droning out the outer-world.


Looks like I'm back,
To the thoughts of suicide,
And good old-fashioned depression,
Old friend, where'd you go?
I'm stuck, stuck back in the beginning.
Back in the beginning!

Verse 2.

Opening the notebook,
Filled with random shit,
Thoughts of the world, music in tact,
Suicide, my cyanide dreams.


Verse 3.

Oh, why did world's end come?
I'm stuck back in the beginning,
Back in the beginning,
Of that