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this is my anthem...

Here I am, here I stand, I took a picture of my hand
Bet you can tell its not manicured
Here I am, half a man, I'm not a doctor, I'm not tan
And I never helped the score
I drive too fast
The team picked me last
I brake the rules and like it
My body curves
I forget the words
I missed the serve and lost it

All my flawz to see.
But you still love,
Love me.

Here I am face down, sometimes I smile or frown
But it depends on the time of the day
Here I go off the road, I spend cash on my clothes
When I still have bills to pay
My skin isn't clear
Haven't spoke in a year
Cuz I still have fear I'm

I'm dressing up as a Killjoy

Tomorrow for my band's performance. Oh yeah.
So, what do you guys think off black leggings, black leather boots (like Gerard's old pair in the Revenge era. Fuckyeaaah), black MCR tshirt, purplish/red scarf and devil horns x]]]

whatcha think?? lol

my killjoy name is...

laineydays - lame I know.
but thats something I do to describe every day in the life of me. :S blehh. lol
I honestly can't think of anything else..
As for a costume, I'm not even sure! Well, that's a lie...
I've already got leather boots...and I'm thinking NEON BRIGHT pink leggings/tights...
possibly with shorts? IDEFK.
As for the top.... I've got a scarf which is red and purple-ish..
I don't know what top to wear. ANY SUGGESTIONS??
I like bright and shinnehhh.

I do wonder....

if The World Is Ugly & "Stay" is actually on the new album?? :( I sure ass hope so!
I lol'ed, Frank spelt night wrongly xD I wonder if they purposely spell it that way?

Any way. Still bummed I can't go to tour. AGAIN. Nearly 8 years of being a fan and my dream still hasn't come true. Fuck this bullshit.


I'm like so bummed.

MCRs like touring 2 hours away from me next month, and I most probably won't be able to go. Mom won't let me go alone :( I'm so bummed. I got so friggen excited and just I'm like :( and I'm already having a pretty crappy day in college. This just boosted me and now I've fallen twice as hard. :( I won't be able to go without someone going with me. I know no one who likes My Chem enough to go with ME. *sobs*

Nearly 8 years of being a fan and as usual, I will NOT get to see them live for the first time or have any hope of even meeting them. That'd make my year. Totally. :(

On the


I have to write 3 essays on how music ensembles (basically, groups, bands, orchestras etc) work together. The best part is, I GET TO CHOOSE WHO I WRITE ABOUT!!!

and I think you know what's coming next, right?
My first example, cause I have to write 3, is about non other than the MIGHTY My Chem! XD
And I was wondering if to write about Queen & Mindless Self Indulgence as second and third essays.

But I need your help, cause I am slightly lost. It's all about writing about their roles in the band, etc and how it all ties in and works. But I'm still at a loss. HELP lol
What exactly do I need to

channel four is so fucking hilarious!!!!!
on the transmissions page. xD

im sat here, pretending to scan biscuits and such malarky bwuahahahaha
its so much fun xD i love it too much xD

thats cheered me day up!! XD
im also doin fuckin essay about my chem BOOYAHHHH
fuck ya u chavs in my class xD i also presented wttbp music video todayy and annoyed like the majority of my class.
being a mcr fan rules!!!

now back to my checking out duties...
beep beep beep beep hahaha
ps im ENJOYING this waaaaayyyy tooo much!!!! fuck you, my chem haha

pps BEEP

Holyy shittt, I haven't been on here in FOREVER!

Doubt I've missed any MCR-related news? lol
I highly doubt it, those guys are like dead right now :P
How're you all doing?

wooow, is pretty...dead

on the 2nd page, theres stuff from the 6th of this month. we're now on the 15th..
you normally go onto page 2 and its loads of posts from a few minutes ago or half an hour at least.
0.0 where'd everyone go?!

uh huh. uh huh. D:<
I spent an hour and half on this fricken front cover for my Gabriel Bá & Gerard Way story comic book.
It was...nearly finished. Nearly finished.
What'd I do?! Accidentally close the fucking window down and it didn't save.
I said some rather nasty shit to the screen, as well as myself.
I could kill myself right now lol or someone else. Preferably someone else.
I was gonna show you guys my awesome G-Way superhero too. :( Now I can't cause it's not even fucking started and I am so pissed. lol