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Hello there beautiful fellow mcrmys C:

Wooooooooow,so like I haven't been on here in like forever, and I completely forgot this website even had a community part hahaha. I decided what the fuck, and logged in, just to post a blog and stuffs :D

I love how Franks now got a website, I keep checking up on it, its hilariously awesome. It makes my day C:
I also started to follow the guys on twitter again -facepalm- after I decided I was a bit stalkerish and unfollowed them, and was out of the loop for over a year then decided to refollow them lol!

how has everyone been?
and just for the sake of it, I've added Frankie making Sweet Pea


Hey guys.
Obviously you're all aware of MCR's efforts to help relieve the sufferers of the tragedies in Japan...
Well. I had an idea. And I need an army to complete it; the MCRMY!
I want to make a video, based on you guys, displaying stuff like you did for Ray when he asked.. Except, I want MCR to see the video I've put together after it's done, to show him, that I care, and that the rest of the world cares about Japan!
I took most of today, creating a website to try get more stuff going on.
I don't know if you guys think this is a good idea or not.

I thought some people would like to see/hear these :P
I also do an epic texas accent :D no offense to any people here who come from texas! i just love the accent and find it hilarious to do :D <3 you all

guys your opinion on my artwork for #SingitForJapan?

I have no self esteem and I think it looks really bad... I'd love to have your opinions on it, because well, I am not very artistic.. and I feel abit self conscious about my work. I have submitted it though it's not very good :(

look alive, sunshine :)

Hey, fellow Killjoys (MCRMy)
I haven't been around on here in like, forever 0.0
I bring good news from the dessert.... and trailed it all through my shit classroom, filled with people I'd rather not associate myself with.
Is anyone going to the February (12th) London gig? I'm going :'DDDDDD
so if anyone out there is, do you wanna meet a fellow Killjoy? ;D
It'll be like a mini-disco in a queue XDD
How is everyone any way?
xo Killjoy Laineydays

GEE <333

'nough said.
that is just pure awesome hahaha

this album is so worth waiting for <3

S.I.N.G, Na Na Na, The Only Hope For Me Is You and Save Yourself (I'll Hold Them Back) are just fucking amazing...
MCR are back and better than ever <3
I had my doubts for a long time about this album and it took a little while to adjust to Na Na Na but after hearing these other songs, my faith is back in these boys <333
and ready to fucking blow our minds. again!
this time, more mean, more lean, more awesome and in dirty leather with awesome masks, laser guns and cars. :D GO MCR!!! <3333

hey guys, need your help!! :D it's about MCR mobile case cover..

Im buying a Samsung Genio Qwerty today.
and I know it's got switchable case covers.
you guessed it; I want a My Chem one.
does anyone know where I can get/find one or if one EVEN exists???

can I just say?

the Na Na Naa video was fucking epic. :D
and all of MCR except for Gerard look dead.
May I offer a suggestion?
Gerard can shock 'em to life with the vend-a-hack machine the little kid used.
A few electrical shocks ought to do it LOL

someone give me a reason to smile, please..

Cause, I actually feel like bursting into tears :S
I'm being bullied on my OWN Facebook page by so called friends. And it's slowly starting to annoy me.
More than that, it's emotionally draining me. :S
And I'm sat here, alone in the dark, listening to sad songs.
What's worst is that its my best friend's friends who are bullying me, and they're making me feel like I don't deserve my best friend or I'm not good enough for her. I'm a social reject and my best friend is fucking popular. She's a model... She's loved by everyone, and I just...don't exist.
I want a hug.