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My package came!

My package came this morning and it's so beautiful.
I'm so happy but also really sad that this is the end

May Death Never Stop You

Damn, some of you already got the greatest hits package! I won't get it until the 27th and reading all these comments about it makes me even more excited.
Most of us don't have it yet though. So let's all keep this site spoiler free for all the guys that are still waiting!




Hey guys!

So, i just made an account on here which is weird, because i've been a My Chemical Romance fan for 3 years now. Anyway, today they're releasing May Death Never Stop You. I'm both sad and excited. I can't wait to get the package i ordered a while back, but i also can't believe it's all over now.
I seriously can't thank the guys of MCR enough. They've helped (and still are) me when i was going through rough times. Even thought they might never make music together, the old songs still excist and everytime we feel sad we can just put our CD's in the CD player.